★VILLAGE GENERATOR!! Minecraft 1.9 One Command Creation Creates Custom Villages (MC 1.9)★


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Hello and welcome to a Minecraft 1.9 ONE Command showcase, today for you I have an epic Village Generator which is better than a normal village and with custom presets. The video explains everything you need to know so if you enjoy it remember to HIT that LIKE button and have a great day.
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38 thoughts on “★VILLAGE GENERATOR!! Minecraft 1.9 One Command Creation Creates Custom Villages (MC 1.9)★

  1. Can it be made so that there are chests with random loot, and a blacksmith type, and generally remake the normal village but improve the building, please?

  2. Hey Ecko, would you mind checking out my YouTubers in Only One Command 😀 PS. You're in it!

  3. we need an enchantment disenchanter, lava sponge, and a new villager. These are some of my ideas for the next big update.

  4. ecko I'm sorry I really like ur channel and ur minecraft content but if u do a video with jfm I will unsubscribe I cant stand him he so annoying

  5. I found a glitch in my world I was on iOS when I break a rose bush it drops 2 rose bushes. In mcpe

  6. These types of videos are super fun, the things people can do in the community always amaze me… check it out and hit that LIKE button if you want more one commands 🙂

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