✔️FACEBOOK SHOPS 😮🔥💥 | Mark Zuckerberg New Facebook Shops | Facebook Shops Launch, Instagram Shops

Facebook Shops is the way & tool launched by Facebook to cater to small businesses.
Facebook Shops & Instagram Shops will help people to scale their businesses on both facebook & instagram.

In the end of the video , Mark Zuckerberg gets Shopify Ceo Tobi Lutke so as to define the collaboration between Shopify & Facebook for Facebook Shops. So watch this video till the end.

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Statement From Mark Zuckerberg –

” I just announced that we’re launching Facebook Shops today – the basic idea is that any small business can easily start a shop to sell things directly across our apps. If you visit someone’s shop, you’ll be able to see that small business’s story, see their featured products, and buy them in our apps.

I think this particularly important right now because so many small businesses are moving online to deal with the economic fallout from Covid-19. As people are being told to stay home, physical storefronts are having a hard time staying open and millions of people are losing their jobs. I’ve been personally working with our teams on Facebook Shops every day for the last couple of months so we could accelerate launching it to small businesses who could use tools like this now.

Facebook Shops are free and easy to create. When you set up your shop, it will appear on your Facebook and Instagram accounts to start and soon on Messenger and WhatsApp too. Shops are native and fast, which means no more app-switching to a slow mobile web browser where you have to reenter your credit card when you tap on an interesting product you see in feeds. We’re also working with partners like Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Channel Advisor, CedCommerce, Cafe24, Tienda Nube and Feedonomics so that small businesses can easily integrate into a strong, open ecosystem of tools to help them manage their customer journey end-to-end, and it’s up to the business to decide what level of integration they want.

On top of that, we’re building a bunch of features across our apps to help people discover things from small businesses that they might want to buy. We’re building a dedicated shopping tab on Instagram and a destination inside Explore where you can find and buy products you might be interested in. Soon, we’ll also be launching new Live shopping features across Facebook and Instagram, which will allow you to shop on Live in real-time.

Lastly, in the near future Shops will use our AI and augmented reality tech to create better shopping experiences. We’ll automatically identify and tag products in feeds so people can easily click-through to purchase when they find things they like. Small businesses will also be able to personalize their storefronts to first show products that are most relevant to you and use augmented reality to let you virtually try on things like sunglasses, lipstick or makeup to see how they might look on you before buying, or what furniture might look like in your room.

This all adds up to something quite powerful. If you’re running a small business or you’re thinking of starting one – even from your living room – you now have a whole suite of tools available that can help you serve people. You can build out your online presence across Facebook and Instagram. You can use Messenger and WhatsApp to communicate with your customers. You can reach new customers through our ads. And now, you can also set up a full online store experience with Facebook Shops. All of these tools are open for business, even when your physical storefront can’t be. Hopefully this helps relieve some of the pressure that small businesses are facing right now and helps them prepare for a more online future. I look forward to getting Shops into the world more widely — let us know what you think! ”

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Facebook shops can be a game changer for facebook and stiff competition to Shopify as well. Do leave your comments below.

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32 thoughts on “✔️FACEBOOK SHOPS 😮🔥💥 | Mark Zuckerberg New Facebook Shops | Facebook Shops Launch, Instagram Shops

  1. Do share what do you feel about this? Let's chat about this in the comments. 🙂
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  2. Everyone has to remember – Facebook is shutting accounts down daily. Some are getting shut down for unknown reasons where they are not letting the user know the exact reasons etc. Just a generic reason of not following FB policy. Just imagine launching a Facebook Shop, uploading all your products , it is doing great in sales and then suddenly you loose it over night. Sadly, I feel many are going to experience this. Also, it is mentioned that FB shops are Free and the reason is because shop owners will use their advertising opportunities. You can bet they are going to track advertising dollars spent and the ones who spend less will also pay the price of getting less exposure in feeds etc.

  3. To all critics. The man did it. You don't have to be in agreement. But he deserves respect. You just have to listen. If you disagree, that's okay. But stay positive and don't throw shit.

  4. Mark Zuckerberg appeared now because he feels the danger to his company from the four emerging companies like tiktok, zoom And others Facebook and Instagram are going to die two years from now in 2022 Really this is true

  5. did you guys notice his neck, this is not real mark, it just AI videolook at the qualityof his face it abviosly not real

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  7. good for going cashless….I can ask my spa customers to pay for their facials and products in a bundle through FB shops. especially good for ig as well since we get 100+ customers who watch our product recommendations….i like this because I can streamline a lot. maybe my amex customers, I will leave a pos terminal for them. even better that whatsapp is also involved, my appt confirmations are done through whatsapp. My whatsapp is like a "Spa Appointments Message Center."

  8. do i need a website in order to have this feature? if not I think its bye bye Shopify and other e-commerce platforms, do you agree? I would like to hear your opinion

  9. Just a heads up that Facebook will charge 5%, but there is no monthly fee. If you use Shopify to set up the store, Shopify will ALSO CHARGE 2% of items sold.
    Facebook says there will be no 5% fee until the end of June 30th.
    You can just set up your store directly with Facebook and skip the Shopify 2% fee. The little bit of extra work to skip the fee seems worth it.
    Can people reply to me if this is helpful and tell me what % of their sales come from FB & Insta? Thank you!

  10. Good lord. No amount of money can buy you a personality. My goodness this dude is monotonic and needs to start putting someone else to speak to people.

  11. Does this Work in Zambia. I am looking for how to set up a shop here and this is exactly what i need to launch my online store.

  12. STILL can't figure out how to get started. Have followed all the links here and the links from the links.

  13. Thanks I love it opened my shop yesterday for my Interchangeable shoes. Very easy to set up and excited to be open on FB now

  14. Billionaires are trying so hard to relate to people like us. Or trying to sell us something. which one?

  15. The economy is in trouble thank god our business was not affected by covid-19 is anyone looking for work or need some extra income? Let me know I am looking for people who want work

  16. Is this already available globally? I'm in Asia and I'm confused if this is already implemented here or is just in the US for now?

  17. Fb praises small business but they never allow small companies to compete with them. They forcefully acquire Instagram and Whatsapp and now they claim to support small business? The irony is they are the biggest monopoly.

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