🌌 [MINECRAFT] Captain America Only Two Command Blocks ((No Mods!)) 1.9+


Hey everyone! Fallen from heaven to bring you my awesome two command block release. Simply copy these two commands into your vanilla Minecraft world and watch it bring to life your favorite, iconic superhero, Captain America.

To get the machine copy and paste the first command. A second command block will appear, then paste the second command into that one and you should be ready to go! Have fun!

Command #1:

Command #2:

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15 thoughts on “🌌 [MINECRAFT] Captain America Only Two Command Blocks ((No Mods!)) 1.9+

  1. Can't wait for Iron man! I hope you could add the hulkbuster and the model 51(superior Iron man) suit

  2. When I drop all the items, it starts to spawn many eggs but the eggs don't work and spawn the mini structure when I place down. Is there any way to fix it.

  3. Great Command I tried it it was Amazing! Can You Make Marvel's
    The Punisher command minecraft

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