13 Minutes of Sky: Children of Light Gameplay (ThatGameCompany)

From the creators of Flow, Flower, and the critically acclaimed Journey comes a new title currently available on your iPhone. Sky: Children of Light.

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40 thoughts on “13 Minutes of Sky: Children of Light Gameplay (ThatGameCompany)

  1. This game is so beautiful, kinda gave me Ico and Shadow of the Colossus vibes! If those 2 games are ported to mobile that would be a dream come true.

  2. this game drains my battery. i kinda wanna delete it but it's too cuteeee. sky makes me feel like im living my dreams 🥰

  3. Can this be played on pc? I've seen websites that can emulate this on pc but I'm not sure if I can trust those.

  4. Such an amazing game it just a beauty to look at it has amazing graphics for a mobile game and the story and soundtrack are spot on

  5. This game is amazing. Especially when you fly through the clouds and the music plays, feels like a movie.

  6. I met probably one of my bestest friends playing this game. In a meadow I hear the sounds of a beautiful piano and in turn I followed that sound. I sat there for what felt like hours listening to this person play such peaceful music. I’d go on to befriend one of my best friends. Chiken Nuggie. To this day I constantly revisit the game and spend time with them. No matter how boring replaying the levels get. I’d get on there shoulders and travel the world.

  7. It's all fun and games until you accidentally entered the storm without realizing the dangers-

  8. My sky account is lost. I am from China. The figure has a reduced mask, short double ponytails, and the original wings. Before the account was lost, I just exchanged a musical instrument, which is a wooden tube. I hope my friends can see me, and I do n’t want to find you all my life.💔

  9. I dont understand who am i ?????? a star? And why saving the spirit isnt the stars whos falling???? And Once i save a spirit like a women and she took the light by force i mean i saved you 🙂

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