176 KILLS WITH SCOPED M1 GARAND! | Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Gameplay

90 minutes on Dawn of Tet w/ a scoped M1 Garand… lets see how this goes…

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Rising Storm 2: VIETNAM is the sequel to PC Gamer’s ‘Multiplayer Game of the Year’ and brings the authenticity of the Red Orchestra series to the Vietnam War.

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43 thoughts on “176 KILLS WITH SCOPED M1 GARAND! | Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Gameplay

  1. these Vietcong gentleman hearing M1 garand pings all around them and they re completely oblivious to it

  2. 15:05 There.
    Thats what RS2 does sometimes, you go through the reload animation and if you switch weapons at 0.01 seconds until the animation is finished the game cancels out what is clearly a reload

  3. Great video. Let's be honest. Maybe 160 kills with M1 Garand, that ridiculous nade at Objective I probably killed 6 guys alone!

  4. What I loved most about the video is that once you killed someone, there was someone else that pops up near your previous target, allowing you to connect your follow on shots flawlessly. It was so satisfying to watch…

  5. I fell asleep watching this last night.But damn… Bro.. How the hell. IMPRESSIVE 176 unlucky victims. I'm going thru it again, maybe a little talent will spill over to me.. lol. This has to be some kinda record.
    I just finish this for a 2nd time. I will no longer will be joining low ping servers since yours was like 224. You've changed the rules again . lol

  6. About the end, I've seen a guy before named Spartan play Mordhau, and he was amazing at that game too. Wonder if they're the same perchance?

  7. Kind of a challenge playing as VC storming G at Dawn of Tet as the tower and the building around it makes the field infront of the tower a killing field.

  8. Nothing made me smile more than watching this. Who would have thought your best game ever was with a sniper rifle.

  9. What are your PC specs Break the vices? I'm thinking about getting this game and i want to know if i can run this smoothly .

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