2010/11 Lionel Messi Was The Best Messi

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25 thoughts on “2010/11 Lionel Messi Was The Best Messi

  1. Was this Messi's best season? Was 2011/12 better? 2014/15?
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  2. I swear to god this is the best channel for football. I know magical Messi and teocri are also very good but there content is very repeated. They mostly focus on one player or show very little content in only slomo

  3. He finished this season with 53 goals and 24 assists in 55 matches and won the Champions League. In 2011/12 he finished with 73 goals and 31 assists in 60 matches. In 2014/15 he finished with 58 goals and 28 assists in 57 matches and won the Treble for the second time in his career. Not to mention he was by far the best dribbler in Europe at this time. (And still is) The fact that some people don’t believe that Messi is the best player of all time baffles me.

  4. Don’t campare Messi with another player no one will ever be able to reach up to messi level messi is football genious

  5. This was the dribbling king now he is overall the better player but now he can’t get past players like this cuz he is a playmaker but at that time he was the best dribbler

  6. When Xavi and iniesta were there, you can see Messi can carry the ball with ease as xavi and iniesta would always attract some opponents,also their passes were always had a role in attacking and scoring goals,now we miss them a lot,messi now has to carry the game from the mid everytime,no midfielder has a unique role in attacking anymore in Barca,I wont blame busquets he is always brilliant but others are a problem, they all lack attacking mindset (no offense, they're all good midfielder, but lack attacking mindset),it's true messi used to play in the middle in the past,but now every attack is made by messi from the mid,before he had chances to punish opponents by cross runs and so on,but now he is the one who carries the game,scores goal,carries the whole damn team.

    Also lack of quality wingers like pedro and villa.

    The only partner for messi right now is Jordi and that too we cant see often nowadays as defenders start to mark Alba's run.

    I don't need barca to be carried in difficult matches, I need barca to go through every difficult situation and matches.

    Anyway respect to the GOAT #lionelmessi

  7. Con esto pueden decir que Messi sin Iniesta y xavi no era nada? Ven como se mueve? Se lleva a todos!!! En muchas ocasiones literalmente xavi o Iniesta solo tocan el balón y Messi hace todo, no entiendo cómo decir que sin ellos no fuera nadie. Ahora en el barca Messi no es el mismo con xavi e Iniesta sabían cuando, como y dónde pasar lo como ahora que todos dan pases errados :'(

  8. No doubt he is the G.O.A.T 🔥 This lil' genius made me fell in love with the beautiful game Football. Thankyou Leo for everything. So glad to witness ur greatness! ♥️

  9. In my opinion:

    1. Messi 2014/2015 : the most complete, right-playmaking forward amazing at dribbling, scoring, and playmaking

    2. Messi 2011/2012 : confirmation of 2010/2011 (Best Liga)

    3. Messi 2010/2011 : Prime false 9 Messi, amazing at dribbling, scoring and showing excellent playmaking abilities (Best UCL and cop del rey)

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