23 Yard Soccer Freekick

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This is a 23 yard free kick scored by a player from one of my teams, Impact 97. Watch how he runs up to the ball and strikes it with the inside of the foot. Not creating much curve, yet providing the power and accuracy to go top corner. Great goal!

We were playing a game vs Milpitas is San Jose, California.

Coaching Points:
1: Run up to the ball.
2: Planted foot.
3: Body position.
4: Execution -Inside of foot, power and accuracy.

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8 thoughts on “23 Yard Soccer Freekick

  1. alot of grown men would be proud of that! stop hating like you could do a better job im a proffesionaly licenced coach and so is he. must of spent countless hours with that young kid teaching and perfecting that set piece and technique. great goal for a kid!!

  2. This was your brother Jose? For real? Nice.. yeah no goalkeeper was getting this.

  3. The goalkeeper is my brother and in 2010, 2011, and 2012 he was told by many coaches that he was the best goalkeeper in milpitas. He is awesome. The ball went to the top left corner exact, it is hard to block.

  4. It seems worth noting that these boys are 13/14 years old. Any goal from a reasonable distance is creditbale for any player. Give him a break!

  5. What a shitty goal keeper. Anyone could of saved that and pretty much anyone who actually plays football could recreate that goal. Probably considered a God goal in the US though.

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