4 times Messi cried over football – Oh My Goal

Lionel Messi is emotional. He lives and breathes football, it’s his passion. A passion which has brought him to tears on a number of occasions throughout his career…

Discover 4 times football has made Lionel Messi cry.


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40 thoughts on “4 times Messi cried over football – Oh My Goal

  1. When they win its Barcelona and Argentina winning the match, but when they loose it is always Messi losing.

  2. Even IF i am a real Madrid fan i think that Messi is the best of all time
    And Ronaldo is the most hardworker of all times

    I luv them both

  3. Ronaldo cries and it’s because he’s a crybaby but when Messi cries it’s because of his love for the game. Messi keyboard warriors are incredible

  4. 2:00 Torres didnt score the CRUCIAL GOAL ! The crucial goal was scored by ramires. Even If Torrest didnt score the equaliser, Chelsea would've still won as they had an away goal advantage.

  5. its ok messi im a cristiono ronaldo fan but still alot of respect for you messi its ok i even cryed when juve were knoked out but still lots of respect for you and barca messi i felt really bad about barca losing to the reds at anfield its ok messi you have next and no hate from a ronaldo fan lots of respect for you messi and barca

  6. If you make a video about Ronaldo crying over football the video would last about a month. This proves how strong messi is

  7. i guess no tears were shed when neymar left barcelona
    i am a messi fan in triumph, i am a messi fan in defeat
    messi is still the GOAT

  8. My coach told me that soccer/football is a game that we love and we hate

    I totally agree with that

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