65 KILLS WITH THE MOSIN! | Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Gameplay

I have officially discovered the best weapon in the game. It’s name is the MOSIN. DRINK IT IN MAN

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Rising Storm 2: VIETNAM is the sequel to PC Gamer’s ‘Multiplayer Game of the Year’ and brings the authenticity of the Red Orchestra series to the Vietnam War.

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46 thoughts on “65 KILLS WITH THE MOSIN! | Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Gameplay

  1. 11:53

    One Vietnamese Boi with a 19th century bolt action rifle vs A whole American squad with top of the line modern weapons

    Who would win?

  2. I hate how the MAS 49 practically replaced the mosin and the sks. There was a nice dichotomy between these two guns, so you had to choose your weapon wisely depending on the situation. Now you have a gun that shares all the best qualities of both, making the other two completely irrelevant.

  3. Did you unlock the 1 bullet, 1 life achivement? I am trying to unlock but i always die on the last bullet to complete

  4. @BreakTheVices you have restored my interest in letsplay channels. Keep it up, I just subscribed. Im tired of watching people trying too hard to be entertaining.

  5. Every now and then you find out the new best gun ingame, i'm starting to suspect you may actually be acing this game instead

  6. This game looks great! Too bad the sound design's shit. They should get their audio from Battlefield Bad Co. 2

  7. I have never seen a Mosin Nagant rifle's bolt cycled so quickly and smoothly nor the recoil be this soft in real life. The Mosin is a slow, sticky bolt, and quite uncomfortable recoiling rifle.

  8. I'm honestly contemplating buying a Mosin Nagant 91/30 IRL. My brother in law has a Mauser 98 he wants to use for hunting, so I'm considering getting it's counterpart so we can kill elk with history.

  9. Good to see a streamer playing these great, not so famous titles. Love the red orchestra/ rising storm series and hopefully thanks to people like you we can expand our player base. Enjoying the content, keep up the good work my friend maybe we will run into each other on the field of battle!

  10. Hey what video editing software do you use. I'm trying to start a youtube channel but the free software I have to use sucks

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