Anne Hathaway: Some Media Wanted ‘Ocean’s 8’ Female Stars To Fight | TODAY

In the upcoming movie “Ocean’s 8,” Anne Hathaway is one of an all-star cast of female stars playing a crew out to pull a heist. The actress tells TODAY’s Hoda Kotb that although “certain members of the media wanted us to fight,” the stars collaborated as friends instead.
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Anne Hathaway: Some Media Wanted ‘Ocean’s 8’ Female Stars To Fight | TODAY


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30 thoughts on “Anne Hathaway: Some Media Wanted ‘Ocean’s 8’ Female Stars To Fight | TODAY

  1. Ocean's Eight Anne Hathaway (Daphne Kluger) Leather Jacket!

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  2. Love this interview! You can tell she had fun making it. Check out my review on this film…

  3. I think this post by John Johnson is excellent and true: Honestly, it seems to me the goal was to ride on the girl power trend and milk people who are high on female empowerment.

    It is not like we never had an all female cast or strong female leads before. Many of them are serious movies with great characters. Do you remember Hollywood making a massive deal about these movies?

    Ghost busters reboot, wonder woman, a female cast spin off of Ocean's 11. Hollywood makes a massive deal about all female cast and strong female lead character, the gender of the cast is an actual selling point. The entire media try to portray these movies as female empowerment, they try to act like the existence of the movie is important for feminism and women. …yeaah…. it is a movie about a bunch of female criminals, a movie about women catching ghost, and a movie about a female superhero created by a man.

    it seems to me Hollywood is making people hooked on girl power and female empowerment, and they feed you girl power and female empowerment in exchange for your money.

  4. Personally I prefer to see women make out with each other than fight. So if they have a movie with that and a good story as well then it's a movie I'll see. ( :

  5. MORE SJW HORSE CRAP. More female crappy azz movie. YEA LETS HAVE
    MORE WOMEN FEMINIST BEING PUSHED LIKE CRACK ..Enough already.. HEY SJW FREAKS, MAKE SURE WHEN YOU REMAKE "Saving Private Ryan" Y'all CAN Call it, "Saving Feminist Ronda " Ocean 8. Please. You GD women can't make your own movie with your own brilliant ideas. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………They don't have the mentality to do there own thinking so they just keep looking like idiots remaking mens movies with feminist cockroaches.

  6. Soooo Hoda could name the rest of the cast but conveniently leave out Awkwafina? I’m getting sick of this promo run always excluding her by name.

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