Argentina v Iceland – 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ – MATCH 7

Iceland secured a famous point on their World Cup debut, holding Argentina to a draw.

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32 thoughts on “Argentina v Iceland – 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ – MATCH 7

  1. Wonderful that Messi is reverse clutch and was stopped. That was a horrendous dive that should never have been a penalty.

  2. Can we take out a moment to appreciate the commentator for pronouncing each name of the Iceland players precisely , GREAT JOB GUYS!!💫👍🏻

  3. I find it hard to dissolve that Messi could dribble past 4-5 defenders but can't score from a penalty

  4. To all Aussie's when Iceland scored their first ever world cup goal, I thought of when Tim Cahill scored our first world cup goal

  5. How cruel the game is.Messi is the world's best player and he missed the important penalty in world cup and also in Copa America.

  6. I feel like argentina should use messi aguero and di maria more together. They have so many forward options idk why they use higuain so much. Dybala should get more usage too.

  7. Messi misses penalty on big game because of his penalty they could won easily they are winning but they loose and Portugal are loosing against Spain but they won because of cr7 he scored hatrick that is the one of the reasons Ronaldo is better

  8. A mi la verdad si me duele ver a messi no ser campeón solo le falta ese titulo forza messi ⚽🥇 eres el mejor

  9. Amigo, como puede ser que empatamos ante Islandia, ISLANDIA ENTENDES? el 99% de la población islandesa estaba en el estadio. Una isla andante nos empató

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