Army Is Actually Harming BTS, Why Jimin Didn't Go To Suga's Daechwita MV Set

J-Hope, Jin and Jungkook surprised Yoongi when he was filming the MV for his new mixtape
J-Hope even brought a customized coffee truck for Yoongi
But someone was missing
When Suga asked Jimin why he didn’t come
Jimin answered: “Did you wait for me? I want you to want me more”
Well, I bet Suga didn’t expect that answer
However, Yoongi confessed that the member that he wants to work with the most is Jimin

In the new docuseries, the members revealed what it’s like being famous
For example, one time Jimin and J-Hope wanted to buy something at the Apple Store,
but they got overwhelmed by the crowd
“It’s getting crowded.
I think we should leave” said J-Hope
Another example is when later that day they were followed by paparazzi
“Things like that sometimes scare me” reacted J-Hope
The members know that fame came with a cost
As RM confessed: “We lost our chance to live a normal life in our twenties”
It’s sad
J-Hope also admitted that sometimes he wants to hide or avoid the struggles
and sometimes he even wants to quit BTS
“At times, I want to let it go” he said
But there are good parts too
and I’m sure the members don’t regret joining BTS
As Suga revealed “We must have been destined to meet”
And if you think about how BTS came to be, it’s hard not to feel the same


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34 thoughts on “Army Is Actually Harming BTS, Why Jimin Didn't Go To Suga's Daechwita MV Set

  1. Thank god u understand me. Ppl be buying things to match with bts and I said to the army's to stop doing it bc its hard for them to but what they like. Just stop. The others army's keep harassing me for saying that to them.

  2. It’s not actually really ARMY who did it but other fans from different fandoms like EXO or BLACKPINK because they were jealous of BTS being so famous and they wanted BTS to go down so they met up and pretended to be like ARMY then started hurting BTS. I understand that there is a lot of hate and jealousy but we all have feelings and we can get hurt so let’s all be kind and not hurt each other anymore! 🙂
    EDIT: I also not only Stan BTS but I Stan others too and it hurts seeing them get hurt. 🙁

  3. I don't know why army keeps saying that they need to protect BTS. I think they are capable of protecting themselves. We just need to show them the love and care to them. Nobody likes overprotective relations. With time they become suffocating enough. So just lay low and love high ♥️
    I just had to get this out of my chest 🙂

  4. It's really funny about 'products' and the last one is really good. But I really want to say that some of armies have to respect their privacy life! 💜

  5. Guys search "HOW MANY BTS MEMBERS IN BTS" in Google look at the result it says "6 MEMBERS" and also jin is not there…… Is jin going to be military?!?!???

  6. Finally! A video explaining how Army is harming them. It made me think I'm doing something wrong but I'm just drawing and vibing to their music 😅

  7. speaking about certain consumer products going out-of-stock, I'll never forget when Jungkook took a picture and in the background you could see his Downy detergent. Shortly after, that particular detergent product sold out online.

  8. "whatever bts buys gets sold out soon" ok that is just stupid. stupidity written all over it people are so dumb

  9. Fans should respect their privacy and give them personal space bcoz they are humans too🙄 plsss be a true army💜 and respect Bts's privacy !!!!😤😤

  10. It is not just BTS but all famous artists pay a high price of being famous and popular. They feel lonely, isolated, have no freedom, need to be silent on certain issues, etc… Micheal Jackson, the Beatles, Prince and many other artistes paid the high price of loneliness… it is a very sad and difficult feeling to have. I hope there will be a day when they can finally live a normal and carefree life with no worries. Fans need to back off and give them space. I think Jhope or one of the members once said “ I did not realize it was so lonely up here”. You may feel like you are on top of the world but yet feel so sad, isolated, lonely and empty inside…sigh… the life of an idol is just so hard.

  11. I’m sure seeing BTS for the first time will make ARMYs wild… But I hope those ARMYs atleast give space and admire them from afar, its sad to know these boys cant live a normal life….

  12. Take this down before some Twitter stans cancel you. Cuz apparently when we say "army's are harming BTS" we are wrong and have no right to be right…

    😂😂😂 (Twitter stans are stupid)

  13. I feel like I want to go to the next award thing or whatever they call it, just so I can say: STOP CROWDING IDOLS, THEY NEED PRIVACY!! AND FOR THE SASEANGS YOU GUYS ARE NOT TRUE FANS!!
    Thank You! 😁

  14. OMG THEY'RE TREATED LIKE THAT I LOVE BTS SO MUCH AND ARENT EVEN ABLE TO GO TO A FAN SIGN AND THE PEOPLE THAT ARE TREAT THEM LIKE THAT….who knew such a thing if I was able to see them I would never do that take the time at fan signs and concerts to see them and do that but when they're free dont treat them that way they dont know they're past

  15. Just so everyone knows BTS consists of 7 members that are humans, let them live a normal life, for gods sake there are ARMYs and Saesangs (dunno how to spell it) that invade BTS´ privacy. I know that Saesangs have a group chat about where BTS lives so they can stalk them, or their schedules or stalk them when their on a flight on a plane, that is just hella crazy. LET THEM HAVE PERSONAL SPACE PLEASE! If you read this all congratulations, you get a cookie UwU

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