Bastion Is AMAZING!! Exotic Fusion/Shotgun Hybrid – Destiny 2 Season Of Dawn

Saint 14 knows how to pick em
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50 thoughts on “Bastion Is AMAZING!! Exotic Fusion/Shotgun Hybrid – Destiny 2 Season Of Dawn

  1. So Some how I did things where I got saint 14 in tower first. Then did the puzzle. Realized I needed to go to the other quest with Saint 14 in the bubble. Then had to go back and do corridors part 1 and the game had the puzzle completion as Part 1 completion even though it was part two for the grave scene. Quest dropped in upper right hand corner. No quest from saint 14. No quest in Quests. No quest anywhere. All sundials linked. Working on tribute Hall quest to see if it helps. Help PLEASE. #admin or anybody

  2. I'm the same way, I like different weapons, different loadouts. You and cammycakes made me a bigger fan of fighting lion than what I was

  3. So mtashed crying to cry. As usual. Everyone's saying it's a great gun. Saw him on stream yesterday saying it wasn't but he was shooting from outside the optimal range. Lol

  4. DFP’s opponent’s are so bad they always walk straight into his bubbles. And this is another excuse for him to use a fusion rifle to farm bots. He’s farming his own kind. 😂♥️

  5. Watches video of you casually murdering people with new gun. Goes into iron banana with new gun….completely gets wrecked. Turns game off 😁

    I like the gun. It’s fun. For the streamers being disappointed in the quest,..well. Stop data mining 😁

  6. Bastion does more damage all at once then any other special weapon in the game which makes it the best option for killing supers, I’m not counting snipers because they require distance and accuracy when it comes to killing supers therefore Bastion is easier and more forgiving; plus you can’t even hear the thing charging up if you’re trying to counter it! Not to mention that the player in his super will be trying his absolute hardest to close the gap between you and him as much as possible making Bastion an even more reliable option for shutting down supers because they’ll always be more likely to be in Bastions optimal range.

  7. How about we just think of it as a fun, new weapon to shift the way we play the game.

    That’s what an exotic should be, it doesn’t always have to be Thorn/LoW/Pre-Nerf Luna level of power

  8. Lord of Wolves & Chaperone – Farewell Life

    "Somewhere in the dark vault"

    Chaperone: Hey, Wolfie?

    Lord of Wolves: What is it Chappy?

    Chaperone: How long will the Guardians leave us in the vault for Bastion…?

    Lord of Wolves: I don't really know… why ask?

    Chaperone: I- I now understand… how the other exotic felt being forgotten in the vault, in this darkness- I don't wanna- "Sob"

    Lord of Wolves: Don't cry Chappy, we still got each other, I'll be here for you. "wipe away Chaperone's tears"

    Chaperone:… I find it funny, how we once compete each other over who is better, guess is not us.

    Lord of Wolves: In the end, we're just two shotgun together.

    Chaperone: "chuckle" yeah!

    Lord of Wolves: "Gives off a warm and gentle smile"

    "Night came as heavy rain pouring down on the Last City"

    Lord of Wolves: Is a bit cold isn't it? Makes you feel sleepy.

    Chaperone: Ya, it does "rest head on Lord of Wolves's shoulder"

    Lord of Wolves: !!! "Blush"

    Chaperone: Lets sleep like this, together "says softly"

    Lord of Wolves: Alright, "gently pats Chaperone's head" Good night, Chappy…

    Chaperone: You too, Wolfie…


  9. You do great with it but then again you could probably win a rumble match with only the titan barricade as a weapon.

  10. Got it but not taken into crucible yet. I love the outlast bastion combo. My outlast is amazing and bastion is fun.

  11. looks like longer range lord wolves with a charge up time, so not as busted, but can be very strong if used skillfully

  12. doesn't matter how good it is at the moment. bungie will nerf it soon enough, this is the way. typical bungie weapon cycle, and so predictable 🙄

  13. It does a really really good job in PvE, one hitting most majors and doing good damage to bosses with decent range. And it shreds through shields, because of it's second perk… I'd even say, it's more of a PvE than a PvP weapon

  14. you get such fantastic matches, ever since i got to legend last season all im getting are all the grasshoper hunters 🙁

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