Bastion, the New Fusion Rifle in PvP… | First Impressions

Huge shoutout to the Destiny community. Watching everybody come together to complete the puzzle was amazing. Let’s do our best to throw love to everyone, because this was something that required the help from literally everyone haha. Anyways, we are going to be taking the new exotic fusion rifle, Bastion, into crucible to see what it can do. Enjoy.


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31 thoughts on “Bastion, the New Fusion Rifle in PvP… | First Impressions

  1. If you can connect with 2 full bastion bursts on a any roaming super you will kill it. Each burst does 210 damage if you are within the damage dropoff range. Each pull of the trigger fires 3 bursts. It can easily shut down a super if you can put the shots on target. And it is less lord of wolves and more what happens if lord of wolves had a baby with a kinetic non-slug shotgun and a fusion rifle.

  2. It should probably decrease the charge timer everytime it kills an enemy, that way it could have more potential in big plays.
    Or maybe it should increase its range every kill maybe up until to erentil range.. who knows.

  3. What do you expect guys, it ain’t bungie’s fault that they are adding less so stuff than usual, it’s just, well, the community literally uses the same shit without non stop, same PvP loadouts since forsaken, with only a few changes, and PvE hardly changes that much. It’s logical that they will be like: “they using the same shit, so this will give us less work for exotics and content”. People saying this is shit because it doesn’t map people. If people started using everything (other shotgun types, autorifles etc.), WITHOUT an unstable sweatyness, people would realize how much of a fun game crucible can be, closest to it is private matches.

    -This comes from a ex-tryhard sweat lord

  4. You can use bastion AND erenthil at the same time with fusion rifle scavenger, you will take 6 charges from 1 green box.

  5. I was wondering why I was so disappointed by this quest ….then I found out about this boring gun…..I realized because the quest was cumbersome ( running through tunnels 19 times is not inspiring in the last…don’t know how people can be excited doing this….literally lemmings running through tunnels ) and the end was not significant to the game.

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