BATTLING FOR HUE CITY | Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Gameplay

After logging 500+ hours in Rising Storm 2: Vietnam over the past couple of years, the game still manages to surprise me with some awesome rounds. In this video, we get to experience the Free Week playerbase in all of its glory for a bit, and then we rip through Hue City with the DP-28. Lastly, we go on some vicious flanks on Operation Forest (thankfully not the Supremacy version LOL)

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23 thoughts on “BATTLING FOR HUE CITY | Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Gameplay

  1. @11:07: You gotta pronounce "banzai" in Vietnamese : "van tue!" 😀
    "Tue" sounds roughly like "tray", but with a speech impediment, like how Bugs Bunny would say it.

  2. I bought this game after watching this video but couldn't find any servers so I just refunded the shit. Could you get back to me on how you even got into a server

  3. If you're using the revolver (which is arguably more situational than the m1911), press x to pull the hammer back, so you fire faster after you click, and probably have a more accurate shot

  4. How it a *weird game*? It's a vietnam based shooter. Its quite fun actually since I've played it before

  5. I gotta say this, there is a great difference between BTVs vids and other guys like Karmakut. Karm plays a clip of stuff later in the video so you just end up watching the same thing twice. BTV plays an intro clip that sets up the video like a framing device. I can confidently skip like 30 seconds to 2 minutes into every Karmakut video where as I don’t skip a second of BTV. In short great job BTV.

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