Best Of ArKaDaTa – The Yasuo God | League Of Legends

Best Of ArKaDaTa; A Funny Montage of ArKaDaTa Rush featuring his best plays and funniest LoL moments!

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Track name: The Chainsmokers – Paris (Press Play & Paul Gannon Bootleg)
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Track name: Darren Styles & Gammer – Feel Like This [Monstercat Release]
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Looking through the description now? ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)


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30 thoughts on “Best Of ArKaDaTa – The Yasuo God | League Of Legends

  1. I actually felt kinda sad watching this, he was my inspiration to start playing Yasuo, and just remembering the good old times when he streamed made me feel sad

  2. Arkadata is more entertaining sometimes he draws. Meanwhile the other yasuo main who blew up M Omegalul E so fcking overrated

  3. i just played with a guy called ArKaDaTa Sinner claiming he was this guy (cuz he posted this video in the champ select in a normal game lmao) and he was so toxic and played like a silver lol

  4. He will be always remembered one of the best ever played yasuo. Just a legend he showed to the old players what yasuo means be4 even yassuo knew what league was

  5. cant bellive these virgins are saying a d5 hardstuck ape is the best yasuo world. ive played against him and with him multiple times he is SO dogshit its almost scary. legit freelo against him

  6. He took my wifi down and made bomb threats bc he got my ip i have the dms in discord dont make me expose he ruined my christmas

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