[Blade and Soul] Soul Fighter 6v6 Guide ?

0:57 – What spec to play?
1:40 – Talent Tree Spec
5:03 – Skill point distribution
5:23 – Gear
13:27 – Play style
14:47 – Combos & Tricks
22:52 – Final Notes & Tips

Uhh, this was all for 2,000g
I actually hate this class with a passion and don’t want to play it. There is more small details to cover on the class but they’re really small and stuff you notice / pick up on your own after playing for a little while. The most important was covered, if I forgot something then I forgot something but that’s just cause I have played the class for 4 years and I don’t actually play the class, I just run on auto pilot so trying to pick my brain for something SF related is like digging for gold in a playground sandbox.

I am just a filthy 3rd-spec BM main now. Sorry youtube.

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18 thoughts on “[Blade and Soul] Soul Fighter 6v6 Guide ?

  1. Thank you a lot for detailed info. I wish i had seen this during the previous event.Arena is alike a deathzone lol. Tho I managed to get some kiils too.

  2. I'm sad to see sf turn into an arena focus class.
    I mean sf pve damage is not bad but with equal gear the other class just out dps you consider that sf needs to execute every rotation right to deal proper dps and with such high ping along with low frame rate it's almost impossible to out dps an archer or a warden while they have way more easy rotation to do.
    P.s. We don't have any pve path weapon or pve accesories on my server we only have raid path and the latest badge doesn't even hit our server yet.

  3. tonic man I really need some arena 1v1 advice there are 0 soul fighters in arena its all bms des and other op easy classes, there are 0 up to date videos or guides online about it. Please man I think you're literally the only one left that can lend some advice on what to do in a 1v1.

  4. Dude i hope you know that in the entire country you are the single and only person making up to date soul fighter content. God fucking bless.

  5. Hey i'm from vietnam server, just shout out to you the clip is great at some point. But in my opinion, for all people who looking for play soul fighter or everything else in 6v6. No combo in every situation, this guide just show up basic you need to play continuously to gain experience.. But i still like some trick and tips you show up to people, hopefully you can make another guide 6v6. We can mail exchange to discuss this. Thank for the cool content !

  6. Its a great and informative guide, thank you. You said you dont like to play SF anymore, but is there a chance that you can do an updated PVE guide(rotation, talents etc.)in the future? If its the same like it was 1 year ago, then sry.

  7. is sad to see such a great class being captured this way, I stopped playing bns, due to the extremely high lag and ping, and because I am from Brazil, it was impossible to reach a high dps margin with SF, but I will always follow the its content, one of the best content not only from SF, but in general from BnS.

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