Blade & Soul Alpha – Summoner Gameplay / Leveling – Part 1 – 1080p 60 FPS Walkthrough

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Let’s Play Blade & Soul Technical Alpha gameplay on PC, 1080p and 60 FPS. Will be leveling and showing Lyn Summoner gameplay. Summoner is the pet class of Blade and Soul. Her familiar is a tanky cat and gameplay consists of using familiar to engage the enemy while she engages from a distance.

This Let’s Play series will focus on leveling and doing some instances with the Lyn Summoner gameplay. I may do some PvP as well. I also plan on playing other Blade and Soul classes during alpha and beta


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37 thoughts on “Blade & Soul Alpha – Summoner Gameplay / Leveling – Part 1 – 1080p 60 FPS Walkthrough

  1. Daammnn duuddee i have the same cat on IRL and her name is KITTIE too 😱😂 !! Btw great content i love your videos

  2. Aww your girlfriend made an adorable character. I’m really happy to see you play again! Nice seeing you again btw. Oh lol now that I’ve seen this class has been out. But I hope to see the gameplay of new classes in this game by you if possible if you still play.

  3. These voices seem as if they're uninterested whereas the new voices are much more enthusiastic.
    Chengun is best character tho 🙂

  4. People are always complaining that Lyn's are cliché lolita's. But personally, I think Lyn's are really cool and pretty badass when you play a lot

  5. I think it's worth noting that the hongmoon master guy would have won if he hadn't been poisoned for like a month straight beforehand.

  6. i gotta say you made me laugh out loud for real with all your comments in this video,all your funny jokes about the npc and everything else,i just couldnt stop laughing in the first half of this video especially

  7. in the first cave where u said you didnt know why you could;nt come back in,there is 3 quest in that cave,get the mayor,get the battle plans,and do the training,if you only do the training in there you cant go back in is what it means

  8. Lyn has two unique classes summoner and Blade Dancer (kung fu master+Blade Master=Blade Dancer) So its Very Unique and it give a Advantage i adimt in a 3v3 (especially if there are tons of destroyers or huge people)you can be sneaky

  9. Why do Asian games voice some npc's but not others? It's hard to see a lot of text in some games due to being so small so I wish all games npc's were voiced

  10. i think acting like the character not wearing a lot of clothes is objectively weird is pretty stupid. shes an adult of a fictional race and not a twelve year old girl. shes not real and you dont have to find her attractive but shes an adult creature so its not weird for her to be dressed lightly.

  11. The English translation didn't do Dodan justice. He was revealed to be not only just reckless but gifted. Quite a number of shit happened later and he matured to a worthy Guard Captain to replace his father

  12. Can I play this to my computer with a maximum 30 fps?

    Windows 10 pro
    AMD Sempron(tm) 145 processor 2.80 GHz
    2.00 gb RAM
    32 bit Operating System x64-based processor
    AMD Radeon HD 5450 1GB

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