Blade & Soul – Lyn Blademaster Skill Tree Build and Combo – PVP

Aerinn’s PVP combo and skill tree. Please watch till the end for the skill tree. LVL 45 Skill Tree

PVP Tips :
1) Please keep your Tab escape for combo lockdown only. Only use it when you are lock down by your opponent. KFM, Destroyer, Assassin and Blademaster. CD is 36 seconds

2) Use you ground slash skill “C” when opponent is on ground… wait for opponent to jump back then you use RB which will stun the opponent on its back follow by LB.

3) Use “F” break defense skill on KFM, BM, Destroyer, Summoner and Assassin. Then they can’t use defence skill for 6 secs. Follow by Dash “2” or 5 hit combo “X” .

4) Use V to pull surround enemy or invisible Assassin. Get ready to press “F” to send them to sky.

Will show how its done on actual pvp video I upload nex time. 🙂

Updated : 30th Oct 2015
Just build a Lvl 45 PVE skill guide on BNS tree for NA/EU players. Hope it helps.

Feel free to pop the questions here if you have any. 🙂

Hope you all like it.


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43 thoughts on “Blade & Soul – Lyn Blademaster Skill Tree Build and Combo – PVP

  1. i have a question about Dual strike skill T1 has "Heals the user 100% of the damage deal", if i up T3 then T3 has that effect or remove it?

  2. Hello Ashley Ng, what is the Best profession to make much, very much money ?
    I'm searching a best profession ^_^
    Thanks in advance, you are the best !!!

  3. I didn't get skill combo 3… 4>F>2 how to use F? after grabbed used Skill no 4 just skip to no 2…i don't see any F appear.. huhuhu.. i like this no 3 combo…

  4. mr.ashley im so inspired with your video's for LBM.. thats y i make a new one in N/A server after getting my FM 45max now… can you teach me in slowmo how to sent the people flying and slashes them. im not sure which skill shud i do 1st or upgrade. im currently lvl 20 now.

  5. I posted here but I don't know what happened to my comment. If this is a double-post, i'm sorry. Ashley, right? Would you give me some tips? How do you never run out of Eletric Focus? I can't use the Lightning Flash/Flicker combo because I'm almost always not being able to use Lightning Flash. Also, do you have any tips on animation canceling? Thanks for the video and for your time, if you answer this.

  6. hi ashley i just download BnS taiwan can u suggest a great ping booster for me? im from PH hope u respond great thanks ur videos are great! 🙂

  7. how can u have that many skillpoints? im lvl 45 and dont have more skillpoints to use. I can see on your video that u have spent more skillpoints on different abillities?.. how?

  8. Hi! I'm just wondering, the pvp build for EU that you have in the description and the one you are linking to other ppl in the comment differs. Which one is the best at the moment?

  9. @Ashley Ng Can you make a new Blade and soul pvp tree for eu and na :S cause the one in your link is not working anymore for me.. ps: i love your playstyle!

  10. @Ashley NG, I have a question tough I just got lvl 30 today, I know its a few levels to max level, but is there any specific gear for pvp/pve or its just the same? and gear influence in the damage of the spells?

  11. Hello im starting to leveling on EU since the game came out few days ago, I havent spend any points yet, im wondering this build/tree willl suit PVE to? I like to PVP most but sometimes PVE. Enjoying Blade dancer alot so far 😀

  12. is your pvp build is the same with pve? if not can i get the build on ur pvp ? im starting to play it and dont want to miss anything ~

  13. ashley which server do you play in NA open beta just began now would like to learn from you will be going blade dancer path

  14. A bit late but do you have a PVP skill build for NA/EU release? Or is the PVE one listed what you meant for PVP?

  15. hey ashley.. have you played the beta?? can we play the eu/na server bcoz sometimes i cant play the games from that region as i live at SEA..

  16. Hello Ashely, I have a question, when i use 2 to stun and then F to knock an opponent or mob into the air, I use LMB for the star like attack and my screen zooms in but its pretty awkward and blocks my view, is it suppose to be like that?

  17. Hi Ashley, is the differences btw China and NA server? As i reach lvl 45 comparing your points seem to have than me? Seem it capped for now. How to get more points? It actually tough since i need to get higher soul shield for HP and damages to kill fast.
    Any good advised?

  18. I really appreciate your video and I have a question for you, is there a way to get an assassin out of stealth besides "V"? Also is the key vs summoner to disable the cat first?

  19. Do we have enough points to put all? Yrs is lvl 50 right? So as it goes along we should on importance skill first?

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