Catherine (PS3) Gameplay

Catherine is Atlus’ first HD title for the PS3 and Xbox 360, developed by the same team who made Persona. Anyone else notice the Kuma cameo in the toilet?

A number of mysterious deaths are surrounded by rumours that a “witch” is going around cursing men who cheats on their lover, making them die in their nightmares. 32 year old Vincent Brookes is the latest victim who struggles to survive and unravel this mystery.

It’s not bad for Atlus’ first HD game as far as presentation is concerned. Action puzzler is challenging (perhaps too challenging!) and the social element at the Stray Sheep bar isn’t bad.

Online questions are pretty fun too if you’re interested in what other gamers think about relationships and, there’s a bit of trivia thrown in about alcohol too such as how to detox and the truth about the “beer belly”.

Either way, have fun getting the 8 different endings!

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24 thoughts on “Catherine (PS3) Gameplay

  1. I Just completed the game. Have to say that its better than I thought,this game is so epic is many ways The story was great, and so were the graphics. The voice acting was unbelievably perfect in every way. If you want to be challenged and aren't easily agitated, give this game a shot.

  2. Awesome!! Getting this tomorrow. The demo showed me next to nothing, it undersells it. This game seemed like cutscenes and platform puzzling. Glad to know it's SO much more. You've been a big help man! Love the vid!

  3. I too would like to know whether the english subs were included into the japanese version or were they just subbed by you?

  4. this game would be a must buy if the platforming aspect of it wasnt just boxes. yes, u have to deal with demonic babies, and sheep, and other odd things, but i did that already with several other, and better, action/platformer games. the story is what i want to see, but i dont want to spend hours at a time climbing boxes.

  5. @RiaraTan
    The game is actually addictive and challenging. I wasn't sure about this game, but after playing the demo it is definitely a must buy.

  6. This game would have been a purchase if it were anything but a climbing boxes puzzle game. A part of me really wants to get it because it looks and sounds like a Persona game, but… the gameplay.

  7. Looks good..seemed a little laggy. I'm thinkin it will be a decent one time play through. Then it will sit collecting dust next to Heavy Rain.

  8. Atlus is what helps me keep my faith in Japanese developers. Thats no knock on them but I think Atlus is making the biggest push.

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