CC Cristiano Ronaldo Review – เขาคุ้มค่าหรือไม่? – Adakah Ia Berbaloi? – FIFA ONLINE 3

Probably the most requested player review, the highest rated normal season Cristiano Ronaldo, let’s see if there’s a difference compared to other seasons!

Game: Fifa Online 3

Video Language: English

Player: CC Cristiano Ronaldo

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44 thoughts on “CC Cristiano Ronaldo Review – เขาคุ้มค่าหรือไม่? – Adakah Ia Berbaloi? – FIFA ONLINE 3

  1. I have ec cr and wb robben i am thinking of buying eihter cr cc to replace ec cr or pele cc to replace robben wb
    which one would be better ?

  2. Hi DP, i'm already using LP subotic, should i get LP Chiellini or CC Ferdinand? Or should i get both and sell subotic? because somtimes subotic makes tiny mistakes.

  3. Hey dp. Currently on the transfer market there's alot of unexpected +5 to +8 player. When i try to complete the trade quest fr either vip or vvip n try to buy some cheap player to complete the task especially ec, wc n u player , it's hard to find cheap player bcse most of them r like +5 to +8 n cost above a hundred millions. Do u knw whts going on the transfer market player value?

  4. bro review bastian schweinsteiger la i want a cm, i have a lot of st not i just have 2 cover for my cm carrick and pogba

  5. Hey, dp! I got a question. You always said that +5 players are 'different story' in some of ur old vid. Can i know what do you mean by that ? I bought some +5 players and they didnt do the job quite well :/

  6. sifu if pirlo used correctly like by facing d back agaisnt the def and twisting around is hard to knock d ball from him n coupled wif his insane long passing from deep for startin up counter atks or keepin poss. he's like a bank n also a true regista 😉 oh yeah not to forget his first touch interception pass is OP for counter att.

  7. Hey DP (or anyone else who can help)! I play a crossing style, and am looking for a RW who’s fast, agile and can cross the ball well. Would be good if he could win a couple of aerial challenges too. My budget is around 1 billion EP, anyone that you think might be suitable? Can include upgraded players (+2, +3 etc) too. Thanks for your help!!

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