CHAOS IN HUE CITY! | Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Multiplayer Campaign Gameplay

Welcome to part 2 of the RS2 Multiplayer Campaign series! In this episode we are picking up right where we left off in the first part by heading into Hue City for an insanely close game. We then head to Border Watch to continue the campaign….


Battle for Hue City: 0:00

Attack of Border Watch: 13:35


Rising Storm 2: VIETNAM is the sequel to PC Gamer’s ‘Multiplayer Game of the Year’ and brings the authenticity of the Red Orchestra series to the Vietnam War.

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40 thoughts on “CHAOS IN HUE CITY! | Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Multiplayer Campaign Gameplay

  1. Historical Slideshow of the Battle of Hue. I enjoy your channel mate!

  2. you can shoot clean through concrete walls in this game but small branches and sticks are impenetrable armor.

  3. Nice gameplay man. I wish I recorded ASau battle where I got 20-25 kills in 5 deaths. No one can beat you in RS2, to be honest.

  4. @6:22 there is some fucking CTHULHU LEVEL SHIT going on with that door. Grenade was the only correct response >.>

  5. Well, I guess we got Chosen Douglas instead of Bongwata now. Ps. I'd really like to see your heli gameplay.

  6. Why do the US Army grunts have to carry a giant rucksack? It’s not very realistic. I thought tripwire would have addressed this at some point.

  7. We produce music in different styles. This is a song for the victims of war and for all veterans too, espacially of Vietnam. Two Years in Prison.

  8. Put on your goddamn bayonet and stop using that wimpy stock of yours!

    EDIT: also, steamrolling campaigns suck, people keep switching to the winning side

  9. First kill of the video just had to be me…was fun playing against you Ryan. Edit- Also yes you smoked my ass towards the end of the video. I deserved that from the rpg spam I put out haha

  10. Closest game I ever saw was on Hill that ended up being a 2v2 showdown on the last point with 2 minutes left.

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