Command Block Basics – Minecraft 1.9

Welcome to my channel and my main Minecraft series: Behind the Blocks! In this series I will be taking you through my creative concepts in Minecraft, showing you what you can do – and how to do it with just a little redstone and a few commands.

Minecraft 1.9 has changed a lot, including how commands and command blocks work, and I intend to point people in the right direction to take advantage of the new functionality. In the first “Behind the Blocks” episode of 1.9 I give a brief overview of the changes and and give some examples of how the new command blocks can be used together.

NB: Thumbnail is work-in-progress and may change.

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Cover art arranged by Moohickyalah. Intro music by AxleMC131. Minecraft is owned by Mojang, who are owned by Microsoft.


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3 thoughts on “Command Block Basics – Minecraft 1.9

  1. how do i make it so that after one command block (specifically a /playsound) is done playing, the next one will automatically play after the first one ?

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