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Indungi Zombie Escape Server
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Dark Professional | Zombie Escape | [TR] ;

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Dark Professional | Zombie Biohazard | [TR] ;

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(MAP) ze_Restricted_Area_f1_dp
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Great map for escape
Thanks (LiZou mapper) Nice MAP! 🙂

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34 thoughts on “Counter-Strike: Zombie Escape Mod – ze_Restricted_Area_f1_dp | Indungi [4K]

  1. Como mieda tienes esas skins de armas :'v me encanto la skin de la doble pistola
    O biene asi ya con el mod :v?
    Porque hay armas que no conosco xd

  2. Disgusting and laggy server with overconfident pussies and shit staff, you would understand why if you were romanian

  3. I saw you in one zm server BUT I DIDNT KNOW THAT YOU ARE SO POPULAR next time picture and i meet you my nick: nexa. xD

  4. dark can you help me im trying playing cs1.6 nosteam but it lags and my pc is very good i play csgo 400 fps

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