COVID-19 and Cystic Fibrosis: Q&A Session #9 with Rick Moss, MD – May 20, 2020

Rick Moss, MD, CF clinician and researcher at Stanford, answers CF and COVID-19-related questions submitted by our community over the past week related to antibody tests, impacts on those with CF, and much more. Please feel free to submit additional questions by email to This most recent session was recorded on May 20, 2020.

We thank Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Gilead Sciences, Genentech, and Chiesi USA for their support of these podcasts.

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Index of Questions
The following information is current as of Wednesday, May 20th, 2020

What is the current report for the US on the number of cases and deaths due to COVID-19?

What can you share regarding recent reports of COVID-19 cases in the CF?

I tested positive for Covid 19 at National Jewish. I only had headaches and loss of taste, otherwise asymptomatic.
I had my first retest a week later and it is negative. My question is, since I’m on Xolair shots, which is an immunosuppressant, can I get an Antibody  test  3 weeks from negative result or would it be skewed? If I temporarily stop them, would that help in getting accurate antibody test? My facility uses ELISA test.

With all the different sources for antibody tests, is there any consolidation or centralized data base to register this information?

A pharmaceutical company in Sorrento California is claiming to have discovered an antibody, STI-1499, that could provide 100% inhibition of the coronavirus and be made available months before of vaccine hits the market. Can you please comment on any viability of this claim?

What is the difference between just showing a presence of antibodies and neutralizing antibodies?

With China being ahead of us in terms of experience with this virus, is there anything to learn from them regarding how long antibodies last in the body?

With growing evidence to show a link between COVID-19 and blood clotting, and new angiographic images showing the progression of ischemic strokes relating to COVID-19, is there anything to specifically watch for, or anything preventative that can be done to avoid this risk for someone who tests positive for this virus?

With reports of purple colored rashes on feet and even toes, would this symptom be considered a blood clotting issue?

Hydroxychloroquine is still featured in the news, is there any merit to using this as a preventative measure in safeguarding against COVID-19?

Michael Ryan, the WHO’s emergencies chief stated that COVID-19 may become endemic and never go away. What evidence does the World Health Organization have to justify this statement?

The world health organization annual oversight meeting was slated to begin this week. Is there any information available at this point as far as what we can learn or gain from this event?

How many COVID-19 strains are now known and are the strains associated with particular regions are are they all equally widespread?

Can you provide us with an update on any noteworthy vaccination trials for COVID-19, and how likely “The People’s Vaccine” which would be available worldwide is?

Can you explain the process of producing the vaccine for the seasonal flu? How effective is the seasonal influenza vaccination and is this information useful in predicting and vaccinating for the emerging coronavirus strains?

Which states have completely reopened and are the fears of 2nd waves of COVID-19 occurring, or are there any success stories in keeping the curve flat in areas that are completely reopened?

I’m worried about all the loss of jobs and subsequent health insurance coverage with a disease as devastating and as expensive as CF. Together with the threat of inflation, do you see any areas of particular devastation in the financial management of our CF care, such as the loss of Trikafta and other expensive treatments and therapies that we depend on?


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1 thought on “COVID-19 and Cystic Fibrosis: Q&A Session #9 with Rick Moss, MD – May 20, 2020

  1. The lack of care for well patients w cf is horrible. We need to be advocating for well visits and pft s to start back up. (Sure I get great care if I have an exacerbation but we know regular check ins will lead to better consistent outcomes)My level of care has drastically decreased. A telemedicine visit is worthless if my doctor can’t listen to my chest or get a pft DUH. And once things open back up and everyone wants an appointment what will be the wait time to see my team 5 months out? No one is speaking up for these issues, including this conversation.u spent more time editorializing about trump (whom I also hate) than talking about what’s going on w patients. But I guess to talk about patients u have to have data… which we don’t bc ppl aren’t getting seen!

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