Cristiano Ronaldo | All Premier League Goals | WINNER Best Manchester United Player | 1000 PL

To celebrate Cristiano Ronaldo winning your votes for Manchester United’s best player of Premier League era, we’ve put together a loop of ALL of his Premier League goals!

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36 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo | All Premier League Goals | WINNER Best Manchester United Player | 1000 PL

  1. I love ronaldo so much pls come back the best of all time no doubt beat t messi all time no problem he is th best the best foreve suc h a great role model we miss u alwayse remeber u I dhall die wearing t shirt wih ur name on it ngl about that

  2. When i childhood, every time i play football with my friends in my village, they said "guys, i am C.Ronaldo". I mean "EVERYONE" is from GK to ST everyone want to be like Cristiano😂😂😂.
    Time so fast right guys?
    Now he is the legend.
    I'm Kiet from Viet Nam, I'm the biggest fan of Cristiano and Manchester United.

  3. I get it if he scores a free kick or solo goal and he goes to celebrate in the corner, but when you get a pass that you only have to tap in, you have to at least go celebrate with the player who passed you the ball.

  4. Hello, I am Nam in Viet Nam. I want to understand all people in Israel. I want to go to Israel because i am God's son.

  5. Ronaldo was tol by Sr. A. KEEP COOL BOY THIS IS YOUR MOMENT and he did.I remmber wen Roney and houther went party Ronaldo say home couse Sr.Alex F. later every one was told big time not Ronaldo he dind go the hothers go the bigs told of from is manager BIG time.

  6. Perhaps i missed it… I didnt see CL final goal 2008, sporting free kick and the porto long range shot🤔🤔

  7. Cristiano Ronaldo is honest, he just cried for Manchester United and the Portuguese Team. That says it all .

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