Cristiano Ronaldo – Pro Evolution Soccer 2013: Demo Trailer

Check out the demo trailer for Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 featuring cover dude, Cristiano Ronaldo.

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48 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo – Pro Evolution Soccer 2013: Demo Trailer

  1. PES is crap for 3 reasons
    1 They finally got a license to use the proper names

    2 The ratings of players are seriously imbalanced

    3 They dont even show gameplay in their demos because they now FIFA is better

  2. What? Dude me and all my soccer team mates play PES because its more realistic than FIFA. How is FIFA more realistic?

  3. i played the demo…. but seriously???? ronaldo 99 rated?? haha he is good but 99 is a bit over the top.
    other then that basic pes… not bad but, not even close to Fifa. but with those shots ronaldo makes, i hope they wont be like that in the full game, every shot is a goal..
    Sorry PES, stop making games…. and start working together with EA to make the ultimate football game

  4. Hey guys you should go to dowload the demo its great at the start its confusing the main menu changes alot in my opinion and graphics are a little more improved you all should see it

  5. PES 4 me its more realistic than fifa the caracters in PES R more alike than the original than fifa
    the ONLY thing that fifa wins R´ skill like 360 and other shit

  6. if its a waste of money why are you doing here? dude if you don't like PES don't watch things that R related to it

  7. Yeah man totally agree, the Master League set up back in the day was fantastic! But Konami got complacent with their popularity and let fifa overtake. Do you remember ISS? RPG with football……ahead of it's time 😛

  8. (Continued)

    can't wait to see the PES title race! between London Blues, North London FC, Manchester Red, and Blue City!!! XD

  9. PES: for retards and casual fans.
    FIFA: for actual football fans and people who appreciate actual authenticity…

  10. ok… so PES has two faces better than FIFA…
    FIFA has a 100,000 better than PES.
    has better graphics.
    MUCH better animation,
    and MUCH, MUCH, MUCH better physics…

    PES is garbage.

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