Cristiano Ronaldo's Last Season with Manchester United!

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Last Season with Manchester United by Legasus. Cristiano Ronaldo dribbling, skills, and goals (2008/09 season). Subscribe and like if you enjoyed the video!


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20 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo's Last Season with Manchester United!

  1. Replacing Christiano Ronaldo with Valencia and Owen possibly proved Fergies biggest cowardly failure….
    Not that Tony V didn’t have a long distinguished career at United, but because it took us from that apex level into mediocrity. A fall in Levels we have never recovered from or looked likely to achieve again…
    And i saw cowardly because I think it was the most utterly uninspiring and safe replacement i’ve ever seen…
    He was either driven by Glazernomics – if so he should have called them out for the sake of his legacy and the club… Or he was too afraid in his ability to discover another talent…? Either way he failed miserably… we may have limped to another title but we’ve never been the same club again…

  2. what really makes me mad is people saying that he's a machine who trained a lot and that's it because it's clearly not true to anyone who knows a bit football and he's simply intelligent. you need talent to do what he did. he wasn't only a great athlete he was technically astounding. If hard training could do that we would have hundreds of Ronaldos and it's not the case. Some people say that Messi dribbled when he was very young. Who says Ronaldo didn't? We know he already played his kind of football when he was 17 and he played for Sporting Lisbon in the Portuguese major league. At 18 he already played for MU one of the best clubs in the world and he was transferred there after he destroyed MU defenders in a friendly match. That wouldn't have happened if he wasn't a natural talent and I don't think that he suddenly started to play like that at 17 one morning. He was chosen by Sporting because he stood out at a very young age like it happened to all the great players before him. Why he should be an exception? Because some people for whatever reason don't like him?

  3. Messi fans: penaldo, tap in merchant bla bla
    show them this video
    Messi fans: shit I never watch this ronaldo, he is actually better tham messi

  4. Man he was so good and different in 2009. But when he went to real he slightly changed his game where he didnt have to beat 3-4 players but beat just 2 and score a billion goals. Ruthless!

  5. i think his son will play for us one day follow the same foot steps off his dad sporting man united and real madrid and juventus

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