Cry Plays: Catherine [P1]

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Hi folks!

So this is the potential new playthrough. But, seeing as how this game is quite an odd one and I don’t wish to alienate a lot of people who wouldn’t enjoy a puzzle game such as this, I decided to make a poll. So please, ONCE YOU ARE DONE WATCHING, (really please don’t vote until you’re done with it) please go here and vote:

I’ll be happy to edit out most of the puzzle bits if necessary as I hear it gets relatively repetitive, keep them in but speed them up, or just keep it how it is. The problem is with the later is it requires a LOT of focus, at least so far, from me and I don’t know how well normal commentating will go whilst I am trying to play through these rather challenging puzzles. I could always just leave in highlights of the puzzle whilst speeding up or something to that effect. Speed up and then normal speed on the more interesting parts, etc.

I dunno! It’s different. It’s definitely an odd game. But I’d be happy to continue it or move on to another one depending on feedback here. And don’t give me that ‘Just play what you want Cry! :D’ thing, that’s not helpin’ me here yo! I am doing that, but I don’t want to turn off THAT many people as this game is really a niche title. Super niche. Like mondo mega niche, y’know? Yeah you know.

Okay that’s about all I had to say! So I’ma bounce.

Also Catherine is hot, but I think Katherine is a bit more attractive to me. JUST SAIYAN.

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46 thoughts on “Cry Plays: Catherine [P1]

  1. Think this is the first game that literally tells all of its players to "edge," if you get what I mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  2. For some reason this is one of those games that i think of every now and again (especially cause of persona 5 royal's western release) and just rewatch it again. I really love this play through of the game and always like to go through it again… and so here i go again 😀

  3. It would be cool if he played Catherine: Full Body, it would be such a great throwback

  4. If cry talked more often in his gameplays we would all be happy then can we all agree on that

  5. So this is where it started, huh. I'm going back through some of my most favorite series that I remember watching as a kid and this is definitely a big one. See anyone who reads this comment at the of this series <3

  6. Rewatching this after full body came out ! Cry I don’t know if you’ll see this but it’d be lovely if u could play this game but with the rin route ! There’s a lot of cool new things! 💕

  7. I enjoy watching his take on this game since he does tackle the game’s puzzles unlike others I watched play Catherine who straight up with ignore them

  8. the memories… i loved this playthrough so much. It really pokes at my heartstrings. Cry was truly the best to watch and listen to here. I mean he always will be, but you know…

  9. I constantly come back to your playthrough of Catherine. The way you play the game is great and honestly your chill vibe makes it even better. Its nice to get a quieter gameplay after a loud one ^^

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