Dragon Oracle Udyr vs Spirit Guard Udyr Ultimate Skin Comparison (League of Legends)

This video shows you a high quality comparison between Dragon Oracle Udyr and Spirit Guard Udyr, an epic vs ultimate skin comparison to help you to decide which is better.
A detailed presentation for each of the two skins is included after the comparison.

The prices, names and timestamps:
00:00 Skins Comparison
05:39 Dragon Oracle Udyr Skin Spotlight – 1350 RP
07:18 Spirit Guard Udyr Skin Spotlight – 3250 RP

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47 thoughts on “Dragon Oracle Udyr vs Spirit Guard Udyr Ultimate Skin Comparison (League of Legends)

  1. Dragon Oracle is a cool concept. But Spirit Guard has a lot more windup animations, Dragon oracle just pumps out attacks out of nowhere hardly without moving.
    Spirit Guard had a lot more love

  2. Spirit guard udyr recall animation: Same as when he stands still (Riot really were lazy with this one)

    An ultimate skin should be where the champions effects and dialogs is completely differenct from the original champion. Everything should be changed and should have some effects to them.

  3. I'll put my bias on the gross dragon legs aside. I still like Spiritguard more. The stances are better, and in my opinion, have a cooler flare for a monk (which…I look at Udyr as a monk). The animations are more crisp and the strikes look more impactful, but if you wanna play a champ who looks like all he's doing is slapping you, Dragon Oracle definitely pulls that through.

    I'll give Dragon Oracle its due. It's very colorful, and very unique. It's got aspects of Norse/Dwarven fantasy, his fists are actually really cool looking, I like the basic/bear blue (which is funny because bear suddenly became the blue stance after SGU. Before it was just brown…and…well, not a fuckin blue bear.)

    Honestly, Spiritguard Udyr should just be the new standard for Udyr animations. Normally ultimate skins are like…a reimagining of a character or some shit like that, but SGUdyr is really just Udyr straight up after his lore-canonized training.

    I should qualify this by saying Udyr was my favorite champ long before I knew who Trick2G was…I just like hittin stuff.

  4. There is just one little thing – Udyr NEED rework so much, but if Riot do rework Udyr he would propably look like Spirit guard Udyr? So now what? Refund Spirit guard skin and delete it? Make it even fancier and rework udyr finally? Naaah let him be old ugly with shitty animations! Thanks Riot

  5. SGU is still the best I mean honestly the only thing about the oracle it’s just flashier but really it can’t compete to the animations to SGU and the auto animation is terrible it doesn’t even have minion champion and neutral monster kill effects like SGU does. Nor does it have death animations. It doesn’t give new icons like SGU. Granted SGU isn’t as flashy but really it’s still the best for what it’s worth BTW the taunt differences in all four different stances like seriously oracle is garbage compared to SGU

  6. Spirit guardian still better. But I think the new one is pretty good for a Epic version that costs almost 1/3 of the rp

  7. He is good the way he is now (if you have spirit guard) riot shouldve update his attack animation. Base attack animation and skill animation without the spirit guard skin is kindof old. Its freakin 2019 and his attack animation was never been change since he was created

  8. Change the vfx and the animation on the base skin then update spirit guard udyr into a better skin like what they did to pulsefire

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