Easy Rider David Beckham Cruises Around LA On A Vintage Motorbike

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David Beckham spends the day cruising around Venice, California on his Super Vintage 93 Knuckle motorbike, LA. Beckham was seen driving the streets of LA before stopping for lunch with a friend. The footballer has recently involved with the Olympics and had been in and out of LA.

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35 thoughts on “Easy Rider David Beckham Cruises Around LA On A Vintage Motorbike

  1. The guy kicks a ball for a living so you would think he wouldn't be so lazy as to remove the kick-starter on that knuc. Seriously though, my man has good taste in motorcycles.

  2. 15 minutes of riding this bike, next stop , back surgery . But this guy is never on the bike for that long.

  3. そのまま雑誌の表紙になってもおかしくないくらいカッコいいな✨勝手に撮ってるのに

  4. Easy rider David Beckam??? You cannot be' serious! Don't tell bullshits! Poor little cheer…Easy rider is Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda, is Born to be wild not David Beckam!!! Fuck!!!

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