EPIC HUEY ATTACK! | Rising Storm 2: Vietnam (Custom Map) Gameplay

RESORT. This map is INSANE and has it all: epic beach landings via choppers, scaling rocks, jungle warfare, and close quarters mayhem! These RS2 custom maps are keeping this game fresh and enjoyable as hell. Enjoy the epic beach assault and blast some CCR!

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Rising Storm 2: VIETNAM is the sequel to PC Gamer’s ‘Multiplayer Game of the Year’ and brings the authenticity of the Red Orchestra series to the Vietnam War.

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50 thoughts on “EPIC HUEY ATTACK! | Rising Storm 2: Vietnam (Custom Map) Gameplay


    Ok I'm not a subscriber just wanna say that now but hear me out. If you want a good huey pilot. Theirs a small Youtuber name Darth Jezus. I highly recommend you watch 1 just 1 of his videos and you won't regret it. Also I'm looking for a YouTube channel that plays alot of Rising Storm 2 Vietnam …….who knows I might sub to you……..👀

  2. When im piloting i use NOE alot and use the rockfaces and tree line for cover, this was very enjoyable to watch thankyou 🙂

  3. Yeah this map is awesome.. deff when the Vietnam team is good enough and the US bad enough you can just shoot the marines out their choppers lol

  4. Your content is gold! I've been looking for a person that plays my kinda games and I found him! Keep it up dude, these games are dope and I plan on getting Rising Storm 2 vietnam

  5. The moments in rs/ro when you say “fuck it” and spray into the smoke not knowing what the hell youre shooting at

  6. Now if only they had a organized and coordinated team. Using communication and real combat logestics this would be fucking bad ass!!

  7. Remember bad company 1where you betrayed the United States for gold. That was the good ole days

  8. Ur videos are my favourite ones about this game atm. Im thinking about buying it maybe but i need to watch more vids first

  9. Is this game really worth it? I’ve seen some people saying they changed the damage of the weapons and it’s not like the first rising storm. I love Vietnam, it’s a really interesting war! Looking forward to buying this, but at the same time I don’t really know if it’s good.

  10. hah, I love the brutality of RO games. So much dying without having a clue about what the hell just happened.

  11. I played this map for the first time last night and it was outstanding – even if I was part of the USMC that got absolutely annihilated. This map helps make the Huey far more relevant and tactical than other maps currently available in my opinion, and it's always fun to do a beach landing (albeit from the air and not the sea in this case). Only tweak I would make is that the USMC probably needs to start with more tickets than they currently have simply because A & B points are so brutal – by the time those are taken, there is very little room for mistake when finishing the map (even though I think that, once B Point is capped, it becomes easier for the USMC side).

    All that said though, a great Community map that shakes things up again in a positive way – 11/10, would be blown out of the sky by an RPG again.

  12. 8:27 dat reminded me of Bridges of Druzhina from the good ol' RO2

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