Experience Rising Storm – Iwo Jima (HD Ultra Graphics Beta Gameplay)

A fan-made gameplay episode of Tripwire’s new Red Orchestra 2 expansion “Rising Storm.” (In BETA)

I spent the weekend going around around the battlefield filming live multiplayer matches to get all my footage. Then I started editing last night and didn’t sleep to get the video out on time. I wanted to make this video for memorial day. The game is really this intense! It is my new favorite FPS and I highly suggest getting it! 🙂


Maxed out graphics setting
FOV of 91 (highest the bar would slide to)
Recorded with Fraps at 60 frames.
Premiere Pro Cs6
Gamemode territory

to hide your gun and hud type following in command line (~ key) without quotations:

“hideweap” to hide your weapon
“showhud” to hide your hud

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37 thoughts on “Experience Rising Storm – Iwo Jima (HD Ultra Graphics Beta Gameplay)

  1. Is there a Hacksaw Ridge map?

    They they should make a fictional map of when the U.S. military invades the homeland of Japan with troops and vehicles etc.

  2. I recently bought Rising Storm, and I just got into this map. Yeah, there aren't as many human players now compared to before, and I do have to play with bots, but the gameplay was still just as tense, having to take cover and stay on watch at all times.

  3. Big fan of RO2/Rising STor m here ! Over 600hours played. What I like most is that the maps are actualy made by real battlefields photos/models…for example. Grain Silo, Pavlov´s huse and almost all other maps.

  4. Nothing feels better than being the flamethrower class and pushing the charge after lighting up a bunker.

  5. Hey is this game dead or are there still a lot of players? I wanna buy it but not sure if anyone still plays it lol

  6. No game plays as intense as this. If you don't play smart and constantly use cover you will be get taken down by enemy snipers within a minute of spawning. This game made me hate CoD and even the recent Battlefields

    You have to take advantage of every inch of the map to win when two good teams play this game

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