Facebook Shop Tutorial. How to setup Facebook Shop and sell as Fiverr Gig?

Setting up a Facebook Shop is made easy in the video. Surprisingly, this service can be sold as a Fiverr. A delay in grabbing this opportunity may cost you a fortune.

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10 thoughts on “Facebook Shop Tutorial. How to setup Facebook Shop and sell as Fiverr Gig?

  1. Hi there – thank you for this video! My Facebook page is already using the shopping template and connected to Shopify – but the “Shop” tab is not on my page, nor is it an option when I click “Add a Tab”… it’s as if it does not exist and I can’t add it to my page! Does anyone have any ideas about what to do?!

  2. Thanks for the video! Yet I still have a few questions. Is it for US business only? I created the "Shop" on my facebook page before, and at that time I can only add a link and redirect my potential clients to the link of our product. And I can't create a product page for clients to place the order directly on facebook. Then I deleted the previous shop after watching your video. However, I can't create a new facebook shop that allows my clients to directly place an order on my facebook page now. I can't even create a new shop! It says it's for US only. But how does it define our company are not located in US??? How can I re-create a facebook shop again?

  3. I have watched lot's of videos about Facebook shop,,,among of these video videos your explanation quite easy and very helpful. So i have subscribed your channel. Please make every single step of facebook shop. Such as payment system, maintaining Shop and so on.

  4. When I tries to find shop, I find a message saying " this page has not been designed for the new Facebook.com yet"
    What yo do then?

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