FC Bayern vs. Wolfsburg – Lewandowski’s 5 Goals in 9 Minutes | FULL GAME 15/16 | Advent Calendar 24

A game to remember – especially for Robert Lewandowski.
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It’s a game that will remain in the memory of many Bundesliga fans forever. It’s the sixth Matchday of the 2015/16 season, Bayern Munich are playing Wolfsburg at home. The Wolves take a 1-0 lead in the 26th minute, Pep Guardiola subs on Robert Lewandowski at half-time. The Polish striker scored 5 goals in 9 minutes and has written history. Enjoy this full Bundesliga match from 2015/16 and have a Merry Christmas!

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47 thoughts on “FC Bayern vs. Wolfsburg – Lewandowski’s 5 Goals in 9 Minutes | FULL GAME 15/16 | Advent Calendar 24

  1. Fabuleux! Extraordinaire! Respect, admiration pour ce grand club qu'est le Bayern Munich. C'est solide, talentueux, volontariste… Ça a vraiment de la gueule! Et puis ce Neuer… Quelle autorité! Quel talent! Le plus grand gardien de tous les temps!

  2. it was even 8 minutes 58 seconds not 9 minutes 😀 – he scored also 2 goals i 1 minute, 3 goals in 3 min 30 seconds, 4 goals in 5 min 30 seconds – many records in one game.

  3. 🇧🇷🇧🇷 muito top, esse cara joga muito. Acredito eu, que esse recorde nunca vai ser quebrado.

  4. Słyszałem o tym ale nie oglądałem tego meczu brawo Robert Ich habe davon gehört, aber ich habe dieses Match nicht gesehen bravo Robert I heard about it but I did not watch this match bravo Robert

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