FIFA 13 Free Kick Tutorial ( PC – Xbox 360 – PS3 )

I`ll show you how to shoot and score an around the wall Free Kick 😀

Around The Wall Free kick
High Free kick

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You`ll know how you should use to shoot this Free Kick by checking out his Free Kick accuarcy and his Curve ability.

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PC Specs :
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quade CPU Q8300 @ 2.50GHz
Motherboard: Gigabyte G31M-ES2C
Graphics card: Ati radeon sapphire HD 6850 1 GB GDDR5 Dx11
HDD: Western Digital (WD) 1Tb
Memory: 4.00 GB DDR2 2x2GB Memory
Sound card: Realtek High Definition Audio
Speakers: Creative LX520
Gaming peripherals:XFX Xgear Wireless Controller – Xbox 360 Wired Controller for PC
Power Supply: Ocz 600W
Display: Samsung Syncmaster b2330 wide LCD Full HD 23” 1920×1080
Operating System: Windows Ultimate 7 32 Bit
Headphone: A4tech Hu 800

Special thanks to :
Hassan Al Hajry


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30 thoughts on “FIFA 13 Free Kick Tutorial ( PC – Xbox 360 – PS3 )

  1. My step-brother had 22 million inside 3 months on FIFA and believed he was brilliant. This man kept it a mystery but I determined strategies about how right after I observed his internet records. Idiot. He became efficient at buying and selling by using the Zappo Fifa Gold System (Google it!)

  2. You shoot using the B button and the right stick is up left or up right,watch the video again and you`ll get it

  3. So it's not like they do not show it to be a twist. This means that if you want to kick it for surfboards from right to left I do not know how?

  4. Well i didn't know you use PC ,the direction and stuff are all for Xbox ,This is the first video i saw by you. Sorry.

  5. You idiot i play this on the PC with the Xbox controller,you should get new eyes dude before insulting people

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