FIFA 13 PC Gameplay Demo

Some first few minutes of FIFA13 Demo on my PC. The game is being played on 1080p but i have rendered it in 720p to reduce the size. This game has same requirements as its older versions. And its really nice. New cinematics, the stadium looks more ”alive”. Crowd noise, cameramen all around and they are ACTUALLY moving and the marshalls as well. Its really good. The first touch control is the new feature of this game which makes it look more real, our first touch determines our movement. Yes it has made game a little more difficult as well. Player impact engine looks still the same. But the greatest thing i like about this game is its performance. It runs really well on a mid range PC as well. You don’t need some heavy machine to run this.

Recorded with FRAPS,with everything maxed on 1920×1080. FPS are the same as FIFA12.
FPS with FRAPS- 50-60
FPS without FRAPS- 60+
If you can run FIFA12 on max without any lag, you should have no problem running this game on max as well.

My PC Specs:
AMD Phenom II x4 965 BE@3.4Ghz
ATI Radeon HD 5770.

Thanks for watching.
I’ll upload some more in a few days.
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10 thoughts on “FIFA 13 PC Gameplay Demo

  1. Select the option- ''Half Size'' in Video Capture Settings. You can also disable ''Record Win7 Sound'' option. This will reduce the size of the file and also give you better frame rate.

  2. Go to Documents. Go to FIFA13 Demo folder. Open the ''fifasetup'' file in notepad. And locate ''Screen_Setup=0''. Change 0 to 16. And then save and exit. This will solve your stuttering problem. It solved mine.

  3. Yes its lagging on my PC as well.But its not lagging actually,its stuttering. Its hard to tell the difference between lagging and stuttering.If you use fraps it will show you 60fps on that rig. You will see no decrease in fps but the game stutters. I don't why this happens.And this happened with me in FIFA12 as well. Solution to this is- Go to fifa13 save game folder in my the fifasetup file in notepad and change Screen_Sleep=0 to Screen_Sleep=16. I hope this helps.

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