FIFA 16 vs. PES | Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 Graphics Comparison PS4 [FullHD][60fps]

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We compare the graphics of FIFA 16 vs. PES | Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 on PS4. We used PS4 and not PC because both games are optimized for current-gen consoles PS4 and Xbox One. We did not use Xbox One version because we got PS4 version first.
Wir vergleichen die Grafik von FIFA 16 mit der von PES | Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 auf der PS4. Wir haben die PS4 Version benutzt, da beide Spiele auf die Current-Gen Konsolen PS4 und Xbox One optimiert worden sind. Außerdem haben wir die PS4 Version vor der Xbox One Version bekommen, weshalb wir letztere nicht verwendet haben.

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System used in this video:
Intel Core i7 4770K 3.50 GHz
GeForce GTX 780 Ti 3GB

Our regular system:
Intel Core i7-5820K 6x 3.3 GHz
16GB DDR4 Crucial Dual Channel 2133MHz (2x 8GB)
2x 4096 MB NVIDIA Geforce GTX 970
500GB SATA III Samsung 840 EVO SSD
2TB SATA III Western Digital Red WD20EFRX

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40 thoughts on “FIFA 16 vs. PES | Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 Graphics Comparison PS4 [FullHD][60fps]

  1. Cử động của cầu thủ fifa mượt mà, uyển chuyển hơn hẳn pes. Face Messi giống hơn pes, cảnh ăn mừng cũng đúng chất ngoài đời, cầu thủ cựa quậy lúc bắt đầu trận đấu cũng ok hơn nhiều, phạt góc thấy dc cầu thủ. Pes 16 quả thật có lối đá giải trí siêu hạng mà bên fifa ko có dc, gameplay của pes mang tính giải trí cao hơn fifa. Cái pes còn hơn fifa chính là game có rất nhiều công cụ để MOD.

  2. I am a big fifa fan, but i will admit that PES got better animation, if at least EA designers, programmers, directors etc…can take time and look at PES i think it will help them improve the animations, Fifa's players don't move well in the pitch, it's like they too light, or the animation looks like puppet or kind of slippery, but PES's players at really in the pitch, they look solid and strong in the pitch.

  3. PES only falls shy because they don't have the licenses that FIFA has.

    PES kicks FIFA in the ass nonetheless.

  4. Pes intros shit on fifa intros anyday fifa’s intros are shit but pes was ruined at like 2016 but I still like pes and still watch old pes videos

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