Fifa 17 CROSSING Tutorial: How to Effectively Cross and Perform Headers – Score Easy Goals

Fifa 17 CROSSING Tutorial: How to Effectively Cross and Perform Headers – Score Easy Goals

This Fifa 17 crossing tutorial and Guide will focus on both crossing and the overpowered headers in Fifa 17. How to perform headers with your players to score a lot of easy goals in Fifa 17. How to effectively cross and how to perform each cross available in Fifa 17. It is going to be an in-depth guide on crossing and headers in Fifa 17. This Fifa 17 crossing tutorial and guide will tell how to cross and do those overpowered headers.

This Fifa 17 crossing tutorial/guide will teach you how to effectively cross and perform headers. It will go into detail on the best crosses, as well as, the best headers in Fifa 17.

Fifa 17 crossing tutorial. Fifa 17 header tutorial. In-depth guide how to effectively cross and perform header to score easy goals.

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36 thoughts on “Fifa 17 CROSSING Tutorial: How to Effectively Cross and Perform Headers – Score Easy Goals

  1. The thing about this is they're all crosses from inside the box, what about crosses from outside the box?

  2. You start all your crosses really close to the center, on the area line. Does everyone cross like this in 17? Maybe that's where am goin wrong. I run down yhe wings and try to cross it from there using assisted crosses but it NEVER finds one of my players.

  3. Nice tutorial, bro!! But i ask you something…you need to have "cross assitance" manual, semi or assisted?(Cause every time when i cross, the ball go on the last player, i mean if i'm with Giroud on the middle and Salah far by Giroud, if i cross, my player will cross to Salah )
    And another one, when you want to make a header you need to aim?

  4. That's not early cross. In that position, pressing LB/L1 or not will still result the same cross.
    Early cross is a cross from behind the penalty box.

  5. my issue is that my striker never runs to the middle of the box, even if i have instructions to stay central. the striker will still make a run to the side of the box where he cant score. then even when he is central the cross never goes towards him, no matter which cross i use and no matter how much or little power is on the cross

  6. Llllloove your vids keeep it upp HOPE YOU WILL BE A VERY SUCCESSFUL YOUTUBER 🤞✌️✌️✌️🤞🤞🤞

  7. Is there a certain way to actually win the headers? I seem to get the cross into good spaces, but either my player just doesn't even jump or gets beat by the defender nearly every time. Even when a 6'3 striker is going against a 5'11 back, they seem to defend it with ease. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  8. when ever I cross the ball it goes all the way wide an I just tap the square button soft. what am I doing wrong

  9. Is crossing still OP after the patch? Cause the keepers AI has been changed and is much better now :/ (Keeper rushes more to get the ball).

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