First Look – Rising Storm 2: Vietnam (Multiplayer Gameplay)

Taking a dive into the thick forest of An Lao Valley and then attacking the walls of Hue City.

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Song: Bad Bad Blood (Instrumental Version) – Martin Carlberg

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34 thoughts on “First Look – Rising Storm 2: Vietnam (Multiplayer Gameplay)

  1. Mica sapete dirmi come far funzionare il gioco online perchè quando clicco su entra nel server dopo 5-10 minuti di caricamento mi rimanda subito sul menu come faccio!!!:(

  2. Hey I like how the scope on the sniper actually works as a scope. By that I mean that on most games you just get a full screen zoom in (you can see outside of the scope that your whole view is zoomed), but here you keep your FOV and only the scope is zoomed in. Nice.

  3. You also press x with m16 and ak47 it switches too single fire instead of spraying your whole mag in 1 far away distance guy.

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