FOR JAPAN! – Rising Storm (Red Orchestra 2)

I was fortunate enough to find a populated Rising Storm server this past week, and it was amazing! I have always preferred Rising Storm to Red Orchestra 2, mainly due to the way in which a lot of the maps play out. Plus, we don’t get to experience the Pacific side of things enough in a multiplayer game as of right now.. WE NEED MORE RISING STORM SERVERS!

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32 thoughts on “FOR JAPAN! – Rising Storm (Red Orchestra 2)

  1. just a question guys would be nice if somebody could help me 😀 so as I lvl up my weapons ingame and the notification pops up to the right its just a mess of words and the actual number stuck in another and I cant fix it/ find a solution. In this video I saw that it couldnt be ''my pc'' because his weapon lvlup notification seems to be fine. Its not gamebreaking but it anoys me that I always have to look up my weapons lvl in the menu. hope somebody got an advice or something like that for me. greetings from Germany and have a nice day 🙂

  2. Was kinda on the fence about getting BFV with Its new Pacific update but after seeing this old gem I did the sensible thing and bought RO2 and RS2 instead …. money well spent as far as I'm concerned now

  3. I think I wanna get this game for the Christmas Sale on Steam as I do wanna play more WW2 games… If I do, I’d be excited…

  4. I really wish they brought back the weapon leveling system. Would give a better reason to play the game other than just fun and cosmetics.

  5. Hey @breakthevices the HP Pavilion you don't need 2 computers to stream and it's strong af, that's what I have, and have watched people play online games and streaming

  6. Far more better than BFV, atleast muh marines are accurate, JK. I'm not really that much of a nerd, but hey I wish RS1/RO2 had more love than RS2 right now, cause i'm feeling the same old nostalgia for the older titles

  7. I was delighted to be able to play my favourite game again after months of not spotting a full server. It's a shame what happened to the RS community.

  8. ey ryan look at that pic you never told us you've been there??! admit!

    greetz from NEIIIINNNN germany love your vids bro 😉

  9. Great to see Rising Storm gameplay again. Always loved the soundtrack and banzai charges in this game. Wish the community was as active as it used to be.

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