GameSpot Reviews – Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

Mark Walton discovers PES 2013 plays a mean game of football in this video review.

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33 thoughts on “GameSpot Reviews – Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

  1. FIFA has become a lot better now and I like both games, however back in the day PES was recognized as the only true realistic and good football game but hardly sold in comparison to FIFA. Most professional football players also admit to prefer PES over FIFA, at least until some years ago. So your point isn't really that credible. It used to be purely the licences and marketing that made FIFA sell more.

  2. I am playing FIFA 12 since it has been released. I have stopped and started playing time to time and after a while of not playing, I played it today, guess what? It's as boring as it ever was to me every time I played it, even PES 2009 is better in my opinion. I wish PES had the licences because on ps3, you cant install patches for names and all. Goddam you EA, you rich bastards.

  3. I love both games. Over the last four years i have played both versions, and i always thought FIFA stood out to be the better game, this year it's different though, this Pro Evolution is the best football game i've played. Period.

  4. i see pes very try to make the gamplay getting better after year, pes 2013 was worth it, fifa is still the same from 10. But i play both, fifa make me have fun a lot, play pes was sometimes boring hut when get used to it , it make me proud when i have this game

  5. I don't understand 'get what you pay'. Both games retail for pretty much the same price, don't they.

    As for the game, well I always found FIFA guilty of all the faults you've listed for pro. FIFA is very formulaic, I always found Pro to be much more organic and the gameplay much more rewarding. Even this review mentions the "sublime" gameplay alongside the obvious faults like licences etc.

    I guess it's just about opinions at the end of the day, I'd dearly love FIFA's licences/Pro gameplay.

  6. i played PES 8 years, and what can i say, i switched to FIFA 12, and 13, because pes 11, 12, and 13 it sucks. Low animation variation, fake collisions, lot of referee bugs, shitty goalkeeper behaivor. In the end, you just get what you pay.

  7. FIFA sells more because the presentation is better and, crucially, they have all the official licences. Don't fool yourself, pro has always been the better and more playable game…it just doesn't have licences and presentation/commentary. FIFA is a good game for less skilled players who want to pick up and play quickly. Pro is better for anyone who actually values gameplay and longevity.

  8. Titanic made 25 x times the money that shawshank redemption did at the cinema. Tell me, is titanic 25 times better than shawshank redemption?

  9. No, it's the other way around. Once you get past the "merseyside red" etc., the game beats fifa hands down, for realism.

  10. cant wait for PES 2014 with the new Fox game Engine and the Argentine League. meanwhile ea sports always brag about being next gen with the same engine with minor tweaks.

  11. I don't care which one is better. I just wanna say that this reviewer is clueless about fifa. You can see that in 3:40. There is nothing "automated" in fifa 13 once you set everything in controller settings on manual.

  12. ya say that just because FIFA got licenses. If PES got licenses, surely PES will the best football game all over the time fifa fanboy…

  13. I hate it in FIFA 13 when they say it has more real first touch when sometimes the player doesn't even try to control a ball that is easy enough to control! Pes is better in control and diversity

  14. PES 2013 does indeed play better than FIFA… I'm inclined to say it always has even in its darker days but Master League just doesn't cut it any more. I like playing Manager Mode and picking a team from English League 1 or 2 and building them up, creating a youth academy and playing through multiple seasons, getting promoted every season. This isn't about real/fake team names or player names, I just want a deeper management/master league mode and PES 2013 doesn't offer that.

  15. – comment continued…. I started giving FIFA a try again from 11, when I it and PES together. I could not believe the difference in quality between the two. PES 11 felt light years ahead, FIFA feeling cramped, forced and detached. I played FIFA 12 recently and following all the "the defense system is sorted, the game is brilliant" comments I was expecting something good. I was unmoved as the person watching me was surprised as I said "well….it's ok". So PES it is, with 2006 and 2011 the best!

  16. I've played these games since Fifa 1995. I started off preferring FIFA. As time went by the ISS/ProEvo/PES games shone through for a more natural organically controlled game that didn't feel like it was on rails. I give the smallest of s**ts about menus/gamemodes/commentary (which PES has always been pretty useless at..some of their graphics decisions, wtf). And yes you CAN smack it in from 30 yards everytime if you play with Barce/Reals players every game. – comment continued….

  17. Yeah time to replicate football correctly.

    Well, I'm off to play a match between North London vs Merseyside Red…

  18. PES 2011 is the their best game. After that the player movement started to mimic FIFA. People started disliking PES because of graphics but FIFA graphics are cartoonish anyway.

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