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40 thoughts on “GOLDEN WEEK NDIAYE FULL PLAYER REVIEW FIFA MOBILE 20 !!! The fastest LM in Game !!

  1. Ndiaye pace is mind blowing 131. Can you tell me how fast does he run in counter attacks? And do you buy so many beast players for your video and sell it again?

  2. who to go for? Vidal or casillas. I need both a cam and gk. I have 10mill so which gk or cam shall i go for if i get the other position from event.

  3. How much will his price go down after the event will he go bellow 4 milli pls reply love from india ❤❤

  4. Hey man, I'm confused with something. Should I swap Rui Costa 91 with Vidal 98 or should I swap Lo Celso 91 with Toty Messi?
    How is Toty Messi?

  5. For all of y’all that aren’t going to get Casillas don’t be dumb & get him cuz the other players you can get easily in the market & casillas you can’t & plus he’ll give stamina to any player

  6. Hi. Great video.. When I get Vidal 98, should I keep him and remove Rui Costa 90 or should I sell Vidal and buy Toty Messi 96 and place him as rm (Only one Sb will be lost)and remove Lo Celso 91 or should I buy Ndiaye 96 and remove Goncalo Guedes 93?
    Please do Vidal 98 review..

  7. Should I place gnabry rm with Sancho 98 ovr and get ndiaye as my lm? Great review bro. You are the best fifa mobile youtuber.

  8. Kindly suggest the best LW from PL I have eyes on Martinelli but his shooting isn't quite good,should I buy him and train him to 100 or what?

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