GTA V Trainer Comparison – Simple Trainer, Menyoo, Enhanced Trainer and PC Trainer V!

Hey welcome to this long ass video looking at the 4 different trainers that I have chosen to make a video about!
I had a lot of fun checking out the different trainers and seeing what each one did – my favorite was the Menyoo Trainer!

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The 4 Trainers used in the video are;

0:00 Simple Trainer:

7:19 Menyoo Trainer:

17:35 PC Trainer V:

26:56 Enhanced Native Trainer:

For all of the downloads above, you need to install to the main GTA V directory.

Use at your own discretion – there is always a possibility that these .asi files could cause problems for your GTA V game.

Do NOT use online!

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26 thoughts on “GTA V Trainer Comparison – Simple Trainer, Menyoo, Enhanced Trainer and PC Trainer V!

  1. thank you for this. question, can I run multiple menus at the same time? I already have vmenu…but I also like menyoo and enhanced trainer. would I have an issue running them at the same time on my server?

  2. Its amazing despite so many options, none of these trainers come with freeze timer. I mean, come on, timed missions have always been part of GTA games yet none of these trainer developers even thought of it !?!?! I remember the GTA4 native trainer has it.

  3. simple trainer is the best, because you can spawn bodyguard as many you want, make your war with police more advancing, lol

    And one more, suck console, you cant get freedom like this on stupid console, lol

  4. I am currently having a problem with the simple trainer, where whenever I press 8 on the num pad it summons a random Turismo with enemies that shoot me and whenever I press 4 it removes wanted level and the others don't do the things they are supposed to. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong and how to fix it?

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