GTA VC – Why Steam is NOT a bad version? [Comparison] – Feat. MrMario

Today we’re going to look at the Steam version of GTA Vice City and compare it with the retail versions.
“New Audio” and “Old Audio” releases 0:15
Was the music actually cut from the game? 1:40
Is it Haitian-Friendly version? 3:15
Exclusive fixes 4:02
Fixes from Patch 1.1 4:47
Fixes from Japanese version 6:02
Fixes from Green Pepper 9:42
The change, which is found only in the Steam version 11:57
Summary 12:06
Steam version pros 12:13
Steam version cons 12:35
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34 thoughts on “GTA VC – Why Steam is NOT a bad version? [Comparison] – Feat. MrMario

  1. If you have GTA releases on Steam, I would be grateful if you could take a look at this tutorial below! 😎
    P.S. This used to be an old tutorial for Australian gamers. Now it isn't important where you live or activated the game.
    P.S.S. Can you click on "thumbs up" on this comment so it could be higher? Thanks!

  2. Still waiting for the Mac OS Steam version Of Grand Theft Auto Vice City but whatever any one of your videos makes me delighted!

  3. I was surprised I didn't hear Billie Jean when I hopped on that scooter after buying the digital copy on PS4.

  4. We germans always had problems with censorship in videogames. But there is no censorship for a few years now

  5. I never played the original, only the mobile port, for now, and didn't know that Ozzy Osbourne's Bark at the moon and it makes me sad that I didn't hear it in the game.

  6. Feels good to own the actual physical game media bought back in it's release date 2002. Nobody Can't touch this….

  7. What if Rockstar loved the Vice City soundtrack so much that they prolonged the music licenses for another 10 years?

  8. My question is why doesnt it work on mac when theres a working version on the mac app store? Gta san andreas and vice city are on both steam and the mac app store plus the steam version of san Andreas is both mac and pc. So why not vice city?

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