GTA Vice City Best Mods

GTA VC Mods 1! Swimming Cheat, Zombies, Jetpack cheat, First Person, Superman, Car Spawner, Nitro, God Mode and much more! Enjoy the video! Best Cleo Scripts.

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In this video you can find one of the best cleo scripts and mods for gta vc!

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Download links here:

► Zombie Mod:
► Jetpack Cheat:
► First Person:
► Swimming Mod:
► Superman Mod:
► Mission Loader:
► Gravity Gun:
► God Mode + Super Powers: +
► Nitro:
► Car Spawner:

NOTE: The main purpose of this video is to show Best Mods in GTA VC and entertain and educate. The thumbnail shows the preview from one of the mods in this video.

Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:


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35 thoughts on “GTA Vice City Best Mods

  1. San Andreas is the better game. However, I love the gunfire sound effects in Vice City, and the chainsaw's ability to hack off car doors was interesting. Those are a few aspects I think are superior to its sequel. I believe you also run faster in VC as well. The undercover cop sports cars were also cool.

  2. Please release a soundtrack I love the music, been looking on Epidemic Sounds for a bunch of these great songs! 😊

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