Hermit Sky: 9 | LEGENDARY TIME! | Modded Minecraft

Hermit Sky: Project Ozone 3 is a Minecraft Modpack released in 2019 for Minecraft 1.12.2
It’s a successor to the massively popular Project Ozone 2 and features a TONNE of quests for us to complete
It is set on a skyblock void world and we will be building some sick minecraft sky bases


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Nguồn: https://wiksource.org

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29 thoughts on “Hermit Sky: 9 | LEGENDARY TIME! | Modded Minecraft

  1. @iskall85 cant you go into your quest book and exchange those totems for RAK so you can get epic loot chests and legendary loot chests??

  2. It seems to be a common bug in modded (not sure which mod causes it as I've had it happen in different packs). Upon changing dimensions, you "lose" your xp – it's not really lost, you regain it all as soon as you either gain or use some xp (which is why I always prioritize making some sort of xp storage (ender io's obelisk, tome of knowledge, etc… – as long as it's something you can store in & remove xp from).

  3. Iskall A Player Called Lovemoon Griefed A City In Minecraft That I Made In Honor Of You. It Is Called Iskallia Please Bring Your Raft On Lovemoon!

  4. Love your vids.. thanks to you I got into modded and I played PO3 every last few days. Did not manage to get that far with the quest but I'm enjoying the learning process and exploring. Today i finally got my ME-system and connected it to the drawer system from the mob farm inspired by you, and establt a lava powered RF generation… game almost froze after i forgot to turn off the imaginary block near the inferium farm and there were items everywhere…
    I sugest you youse the mod "/dank/null/" for mining for dealing with huge amounts of items.
    Oh.. and if you're planning on using the jetpack to get started flying you should get the specter coil that charges items in your inventory.

  5. on hermitcraft you need to KEEP al the diorite in stead of burning it! because when 1.14 is coming uit you can sell it for emmeralds! finely a usefull fyture with diorite!

  6. Saturation is good because the other totems use saturation to work. you need the levels to apply the token to your character and if you die you get them back but can't apply them until you get levels again. Also has anyone got anything good from the legendary bags? I got 4 witherless roses…

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