Hollow's Heart – Tree Dungeon GUIDE [Blade and Soul JP] All roles explained

This is a guide for Hollow’s Heart/Treeman Dungeon. We’ll take a look at the core mechanics and the roles for each of the dungeon’s bosses. As this video is quite lengthy, I have added timestamps for each of the bosses below.
For a shorter/concise series on this boss, CHECK OUT MY FRIEND’S CHANNEL:
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A special thanks to my friends for putting up with me during the making of this guide. I hope you enjoy the video!

00:50 – 1st Boss – The Enraged Branch
07:20 – 2nd Boss – Samla Spider
11:10 – FINAL Boss – The Bearded Root
22:50 – Special thanks
*UPDATE: There are sections of the video where the audio (music) has been removed due to copyright*
Music credit:
Evolve | A Trap & Future Bass Mix

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35 thoughts on “Hollow's Heart – Tree Dungeon GUIDE [Blade and Soul JP] All roles explained

  1. yahhhhh i whould like to ask you a question … Can i have a look at Momo-tan ? he/she look so cute in that outfit XD

  2. Blade dancer's Maelstorm removes the venom from the spiderlings as well, but the three second shield doesn't apply to party members. That'a why I keep forgetting to put the Maelstorm on instead of Sword shroud or whatever it's called while defeating Gorgana (the huge spider as Gorgana is it's name in EU)

  3. Thank you for this. Clear guide and so easy to follow along. I'm having trouble finding a clan to help so this will help me in pub runs while I learn!

  4. Very useful guide m8 ^^ keep it up! BTW Is somebody has the tracklist? cause the chanel which got it, has been deleted.

  5. It casts 45° or 90° attacks toward markers? because you wrote 45° but the screenshot shows a 90° angle

  6. The way you are explaining is really nice. You think that there is any chance to make a temple of eluvium guide as well?

  7. Amazing Guide. This is really one of my favourite guides, I'm yet to run Hollow's Heart. But I wanted to check the guide since we just received the update with the area.
    And man, this kind of Guide is really awesome. I do a lot of research for dungeons while I'm at work, so no audio for me. To have the details written is amazing, I feel like you are really talking to me 🙂
    Don't stop, keep making guides, I just hope I have enough thumbs to keep them up for you 😉

  8. Whoever says bns has very poor graphics really needs to check themselves. Blade and soul is probably one of the most beautiful games I've played graphics wise. It's like they wanted to lean towards the anime/toon side along with evenly mixing realism in. I haven't played in a while and forget my assassin's level. In the beginning it's really dark and gloomy and seems a bit dull in colours but as you move on the zones are just so vibrant.
    I haven't reached the level needed to play this boss but when I do I'll resort to your videos! Also you make me wanna make a force master again. Cx

  9. Awesome guide man! after many tires, our party finally did it thanks to it ;).
    BTW could you tell names of the song used in this guide?

  10. demaciada mecanica lo esta siendo denso al juego … le esta quitando la diversion a lo que era antes …

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