HOLY WOW!! 3 TOTS In The Same Pack!! Luckiest TOTS Packs! Fifa 20 Ultimate Team

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26 thoughts on “HOLY WOW!! 3 TOTS In The Same Pack!! Luckiest TOTS Packs! Fifa 20 Ultimate Team

  1. I am not tired of teams that look like poo, I am tired of that intro
    (BTW look at my name)

  2. Who else was about to scream when they thought he was discarding Robertson tots

  3. I got a tradeable de bruyne , and even emperor msg me on twitter , but I didn’t have a video just a pic mannnn 🙁

  4. I wanted to be a medic in the army when i was younger, my granda talked me out of it and said if i wanted to be a medic do it in civvy street for the ambulance service, so i did and have done for the last 6 years. Stay safe mate, all the best!

  5. This is a fake pack opening, you use foto shop. How is possibile this?!
    Then you skip a pack and you found a tosto into it. Fakeeeeeee

  6. Theese guys are packing 2 totssf and a couple of walkouts in a single pack and me apending 12000 fifa points 1 walkout imobile 🤮

  7. It annoys me how 1 of the guys got Rashford and Phillips in a 100k pack I got my 200th win in rivals today and got the 100k pack I got 83 Costa.

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