How Lionel Messi seduced his childhood friend Antonella Roccuzzo – Oh My Goal

It is evident that the lives of Lionel Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo were destined to be one great story. Messi knew that he loved her and Antonella has the sufficient patience to wait for him.

But how Lionel Messi seduced his childhood friend Antonella Roccuzzo?


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25 thoughts on “How Lionel Messi seduced his childhood friend Antonella Roccuzzo – Oh My Goal

  1. 1:46 THAT IS FALSE ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all knw that the money and fame Messi has helped LMAO!!!!!

  2. She gave him a makeover and moved to Barcelona! hahaha that is making me crease.
    amazing story though, gotta love Messi

  3. Brothers and sisters no offence but in most of cases I have seen a girl only need to maintain her figur and her looks but a boy had to win the world to get her .

  4. First, Leo left Argentina in 2000 when he was 13

    Second, he started dating Antonela in 2007/08. Messi said in an interview in 2019 that they have been together for 11 years. The relationship became known in 2009 when they asked messi if he had a girlfriend.

    And third, I believe that they really love each other. Just because Messi is rich, it doesn't mean that Antonela doesn't love him. Even Leo said in interview that it was love at first sight and it was mutual. Also, if she really was a gold digger she would always try be in the spotlight and of course she would have tried to use her marriage with Messi in order to become famous.

    By the way, I love them and I believe that it's so disrespectful to call her a gold digger when she had kids. Just think about their family ❤️

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